Friday, July 19, 2013

Mexican Baked Eggs

Before I actually get in to the wonderful dish I'm writing about today I wanted to address some issues that I've noticed with my whole blog switcheroo. Looks like I really should have just kept my old blog and created a brand new site versus changing my URL and name because it's been causing a multitude of issues.

Thank you to Charlotte for letting me know that my bloglovin' page is not updating! I'm in touch with both them and blogger trying to work things out. I'll let y'all know when it's fixed but for now appreciate you reading along right here. Also, most of the links in my pages will lead no where as they all link to previous posts under my old blog URL which no longer exists. Ah the joys of blog changes!

Well let's get back to the program because we all know what really matters around here is food...

I've showcased Mexican Baked Eggs before on the blog as it's one of the first dishes that Mr. Charming and I made together when we moved to Richmond last summer and it's also one of our faves. It's a go-to favorite in this house because it hits the spot like comfort food but is actually halfway decent for you  and has good protein for a veggie dish. She's amazing and needed her very own post.

You can find the recipe for this dish here via Closet Cooking.

We've done different variations like adding corn or other additional veggies, serving with guac, Chobani for me and sour cream for MC, etc. Usually we'll eat it with a handful of tortilla chips (which is super yum to scoop up like a dip!) but since we had some good bread on hand from another meal this week I cut a few slices up and we made do.

When we decided to get our act together and actually plan out our meals this week this one naturally popped up on the list. Unfortunately when we decided on it we didn't know that we were going to be in the midst of a crazy heat wave.

broiling + heat waves = no bueno 

Seriously though I should have used the new Instagram video because this little baby had bubbling cheesy goodness going on when I pulled her out of the oven. I'm also hoping that they invent Instagram smellovision because this one would be off the charts.

None the less I forged on with making the dish and while I usually have a hard time getting the egg whites cooked and leaving the yolks runny, this time it was absolutely perfect. If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I have a love affair with runny yolks or #yolkporn as the masses have decided to name it. I literally was drooling...

I recommend this dish to everyone and I think can be suited to any taste. The jalapeƱos honestly don't make it that spicy so if you like spice, add some more! And maybe a dash of cayenne. Leave off the cheese and forgo Chobani/sour cream if you can't do dairy. If you want it vegan...well you'd clearly have to take away the beautiful runny eggs but maybe could swap for some seasoned tofu or tempeh?

So go forth and recreate and you too can nom on this delicious dish. Oh, and happy Friday y'all!

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Lindsay said...

I'm using Feedly now (rather than BlogLovin') and having the same issues with your blog - cannot get it to load or update with your new posts :( it just won't recognize it as a thing! Very sad. I've been missing your updates!