Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh Yeah, We're Moving!

There was quite a bit that went on during my blogging hiatus this spring. One of those things was that Mr. Young and I decided to buy a house. We know we want to stay in Richmond for a while so we went for it. 

We found an awesome realtor through one of my co-workers and off I went almost every Friday afternoon to look at five or six houses. House hunting is some hard work let me tell you. There was always one thing about each house that we didn't care for. There never seemed to be something good in our price range in the neighborhoods we were interested in. 

After two months and probably twenty some odd houses, we realized it was not the time to purchase a house. For one, we have a wedding coming up next summer, and while we are incredibly grateful that both of our parents are helping us make our dream a reality, we're still footing some of that bill as well. Through house hunting we also realized that we are not yet sure what exactly we need/want in a house and where in Richmond we'd like to live. This was probably apparent to our realtor who would zig zag us all around Richmond when we went to look at homes. 

We decided to put it on the back burner for a while and focused our efforts back to renting. Getting out of our current apartment was our main goal and since we'd like to take a mini step towards owning a house we decided to rent one.

Welcome to our new humble abode!

Trying to rent a house in Richmond might be a more frustrating process than buying. Naturally in all of the most desired areas to live, five minutes after a house is posted on Craigslist it's already spoken for. You could only imagine how infuriating this became.

After losing our dream rental house because I didn't call the landlord fast enough (learned my lesson the hard way) I heard back from an inquiry that I forgot to follow up on. We went and saw the house the next morning, paid our application fee, and emailed our application when we got home. Our new landlord checked our credit and made sure we weren't creepers that day and then we learned the best feeling in the world: trying to show our friends pictures on the posting and Craigslist informs us it's deleted. The house was ours!

While the house isn't in my our most desired area of Richmond it's closer to the city than where we currently live which was a large part of goal for moving. We are out in crazy suburbia right now and if I have to look at another chain restaurant or store I might barf soon. She's a little three bedroom Cape Cod with...TWO BATHROOMS (cue the angels rejoicing). Finding a house within our price range with more than one bath was incredibly hard and this was one thing we didn't want to sacrifice.

There's also a small office off the living room which I plan to morph into my blogging and crafting headquarters, eep! The yard isn't too big, but at least that means to less to mow. There are only two downsides to this house (ok, well two major ones) and those are tiny closets and no dishwasher. Should be a fun project to adjust.

We are moving in the middle of August and absolutely cannot wait! I'm planning to go Young House Love style on this baby to keep track of how we transform the rooms, especially because I have some really neat ways of how to really make a rental house feel like our own.

Welcome to our crib!


Charlotte said...

Congrats on the house!! It's so cute! I can't wait to see what you do to the inside!

I hear you on house hunting - it's so overwhelming!

Lindsay said...

Just seeing this post (darn link issues) but congrats! The home-buying process is COMPLETELY overwhelming - and I obvi know that first hand right about now! :) Congrats on the rental - it's super cute!