Monday, July 22, 2013

The Trek to 13.1 (again)

After running the Carytown 10k back in May (which you totally missed in my blogging hiatus) I definitely let running slip away from me again after reaching my goal. This was my first race post hip injury and I was so pumped that not only did I complete the race without stopping, but I did so with a time of 1:05 which was a PR (personal record). I did a really short burst of training and it really got me back in the groove.

Carytown 10k--sent this to my Physical Therapist!
Then I let life take over. What really makes me sad about that is that I missed great running weather this May and June before the summer heat actually came. Ya win some, ya lose some.

Since my injury last fall got in the way of the Disney Princess Half Marathon which I set out to run this past February, after the 10k I knew it was time I set my sights a bit higher again, although this race is still something I'd like to complete one day. A friend from work that I run with sometimes has also been looking to do a larger race and so we stumbled upon the Virginia Genworth 10 Miler which I've signed up to run at the end of September.

If I'm already going to be that close to 13.1 then I figured I may as well give it another shot.

I really had my heart set on the American Family Fitness Half that runs in conjunction with the Richmond Marathon and the HCA VA 8k that I ran last fall, but unfortunately have other commitments that weekend. Maybe next year? So instead I have made a bold move to sign up for the Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon in Hampton, VA which is a week after the 10 miler.

While this slightly petrifies me I think it actually will work out better than reaching 10 miles and maintaining my mileage for another month and a half before the half marathon. I made a training schedule that works well for both races and am beginning week two right now. So here's to 13.1 training kickoff...again!

Do you have any races lined up for this summer/fall?


Charlotte said...

SO excited for you! I'll be training alongside you for my half at the end of October!

Mallory said...

Woo! You can do it! I am getting a bit of the 'running itch' these days too. I am hoping there is another half in my future but not until I get out to CO and used to the elevation. So happy you are running again!