Friday, July 12, 2013

What's In a Name?

As I transitioned to my new blog name, Chasing Young, I have had several questions about the choice for this name and adjustment of focus. I dove a little bit into why I wanted to do some rebranding when I first announced the switch but I wanted to take some time to dig a little deeper.

When I realized it was time to think critically about why I blog and what I like to blog about I knew that the name was the first to go. I'll be honest that I thought about a new name for months. All I knew was that I wanted something with two words. Short, sweet, and easy to remember. I did a few experiments like even posting on Facebook and Twitter to have family and friends share adjectives that they thought described me. This lead me nowhere.

In a meeting at work a few months ago I was doodling on my agenda (this is how my brain works to pay attention) and all of the sudden it struck me like the apple on Newton's head: Chasing Young. I had been thinking about a play on the fact that my married last name will be "Young" and "Chasing" works in several ways.

The first, and most simple, way I deciphered chasing is for my up and down relationship with running. Oh how I love it, and oh how I haven't ran in about three weeks (whoops). Although I think that's a fun play on words I'm not sure who would actually be chasing me because I run rather slow, but that's besides the point.

Then I thought back to my original interest in blogging: to capture my busy lifestyle for the plethora of family and friends that I can't always keep in the loop everyday. I am busy person. I always have been, and always will be. It can be hard for me sit still (except my recent marathons of Friday Night Lights and Candy Crush) and Mr. Charming makes fun of me for that fact all too often.

Finally, the combination of the two words brings me to my journey over the past year. This topic will  spawn some longer posts but it has finally hit me that I ain't gettin' any younger dolls. I'm more than halfway to twenty-six which means I'm closer to thirty than I am to twenty. I can't go much more into detail at the moment or I may compulsively combust in a fit of tears...and squinching my face will only lead to wrinkles.

I want to try and put things into perspective and remind myself that I truly still am young and have a lot of life left in the years in front of me. While I am so grateful that I have been fortunate enough to travel and experience many wonderful things, there is still much left for me to discover. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I fully intend on chronicling these journeys.

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