Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Will Run for Nail Polish

When I made the decision to start training for a half marathon again I crafted a schedule and then felt a bit daunted. Training through August and September may be ideal for some, but for those working in education...not so much. I realized that my schedule is going to be incredibly different than right now, though luckily the weather will get a bit cooler.

Thinking of how I'm going to keep myself motivated and on track a reward system naturally came to mind. First I thought about getting froyo or ice cream on my weekend rest day if I completed my training schedule for the week, and then I realized this would negate trying to get back on track with my fitness. I will most definitely still indulge in treats while training but don't want to Pavlov myself into thinking that running = ice cream.

Funny enough my friend Mallory @ Mal Smiles did a post about this for her #NOtivation link up and I'm going to steal a good idea from her--thanks Mal! I needed to think of something small that won't break the bank and she mentioned getting a new nail polish with mileage goals when she trained for a half marathon. Perfect! I really need to clean out my nail polish collection and right now it consists of 20 bottles that are all slightly different shades of pink and coral. So each new mile that I hit I'm going to try and pick out a shade that's not something I'd typically go for.

I'm at mile three now and don't necessarily need that many new bottles of polish so I'm going to start with mile seven since that's where I left off with my interrupted training program last year. To keep myself motivated for miles four, five, and six, I've decided to go in the opposite direction.

Rather than buying or rewarding myself since I've already been around the block with these numbers, I'm going to do something efficient each week. I'm going to sit down with a cup of coffee and tackle a nagging task. Here's what I've laid out:

Mile Three--Fix my whole blog RSS feed mess of a situation so you can keep up with Chasing Young on your preferred reader platform!
Mile Four--Go through my massive collection of office/desk supplies at home and get rid of junk I don't need.
Mile Five--Clean out my Gmail inbox...completely, go through every folder and delete old messages.
Mile Six--Clear up my social media accounts. Go through my following list on Twitter, Instagram, and bloglovin' and stop following people/places I don't particularly care about.

When I hit mile six, which is the farthest I've been so far (technically 6.5), I've decided to splurge a bit and get a new sports bra, running top, and workout bottoms. I'm thinking that the journey to six will be easy with this in mind!

How do you like to motivate yourself towards fitness or other goals?

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Melanie Jane said...

I love this idea! I have got to get back into running, and need motivation for getting there. I may implement a similar program!! Miss you.