Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blurred Lines

The first time that I heard Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke I thought I was going to die and go to heaven. Amazing beat, sexy voices, and fun lyrics had me immediately Shazam-ing to find out who the artist was. I had no clue who this Robin Thicke was but was proud I had recognized Pharrell and I love me some T.I. (seriously though) and couldn't wait to get home and download this gem to be my very own.

Blurred Lines has become the Phil Phillips Home of last summer for me, not that my obsession with Home has waned at all. Every time this song is on I am moving around to it, whether it's at home or in the car, and Mr. Young has really been getting a kick out of it.

When we were staying with my parents a few weeks ago it came on in the car and I followed my natural routine of first screaming like a little girl and then screaming at my dad to turn it up. Although there are some racy lyrics my parents loved it too and my dad wanted to know who the artist was.

"Dad it's this guy named Robin Thicke I've never heard of him." -A
"THICKE? Is that Alan Thicke's son?!! Oh wow, that's Alan Thicke's son!!!" -Dad
"Um, sure. I don't know who that is." -A
"Damn generation, he was on Growing Pains, you know, Alan Thicke!!" -Dad
"Nope, still nothing." -A

We still enjoyed the song together and then this past Saturday night while Mr. Young and I were grabbing some ice cream I get a call from my dad.

"Hey you know that Blurred Lines song?" -Dad
"Yes, I introduced it to you." -A
"You've got to watch these great versions I found with Bill Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel!!!" -Dad
"That sounds cool, can you email me the links to the videos?" -A (knowing full well that my dad can't compose new messages but only forward emails, I'm talking chain emails. Yes.)
"Damn generation, just look it up! Go to msn.com's entertainment section." -Dad
"People still really use MSN?" -A
"Anna just go watch it when you get home!" -Dad

I went home and watched these videos, and then some. I promise if you take five minutes to watch these it will make your day infinitely better!

and one more for good measure...

And just because I love you, I also found The Best 11 Blurred Lines Parodies. I know, I know. You can thank me later!

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Melanie Jane said...

Okay, the Jimmy Fallon is my favorite. I was going to post if you had not found it. I mean, come on. They are playing a BANANA, cowbell and spoons!! Best summer song for 2013 for sure. Takes me back to Bleeding Love!