Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

Remember that one time I signed up for a 10 miler and a half marathon and vowed to chronicle my training through this little blog? Well I've definitely sucked at that but am back with some highlights and missteps of the journey so far.

Before I jump into running update on the big move...
With help from both our families and friends here in Richmond we moved everything in one day! I am still amazed. Some highlights from the move...
-We had to saw our boxspring in half to get it upstairs to our bedroom (more on that later)
-One of our cats is still so freaked out that we think she's losing weight
-It's really easy to downsize your wardrobe when you move into a house with closets 1/5 of the size of your previous one
-Space is nice but keeping up with a yard is slightly overrated

So to get to the juicy stuff I have been progressing with the training plan I put together, and although I did fall a week behind I'm still getting up there on mileage. On my six mile week I only went five due to running in the heat when I'm used to running in cool dark mornings. The next week (same day we moved, not a bright idea...) I finally passed my personal record and hit seven miles. Of course the GPS in my watch went out halfway through so I didn't get the gratification of seeing the big number or a new record on my watch since it was essentially split in two.

I promptly went to Target and got some new running gear and my first training polish to reap the first of my running rewards.

I am loving my new running capris! While it's still a bit warm here to wear them I'm glad to have another pair for fall. I have tons of running shorts but definitely noticed my shortage of longer running bottoms this past fall and winter. The new top is definitely my favorite of them all. The color is "orange sorbet" and while I may look bright and reflective like a construction worker I love it. The top is so light and breathable I may go back and buy a few more.

As I looked at bras I definitely should have chosen something more sensible. I've been wanting one with thinner straps and didn't think about the fact that it might not be quite as supportive. It wasn't awful for running but I'll definitely keep it reserved for other activities. The nail polish...swoon! It's been a long time since I've worn a pastel color, although I had an entire collection back in middle school. While I think this is a great color for spring I had fun wearing it to celebrate the last days of summer. The name of this one is Full Steam Ahead, hence the post title.

Mile Eight
Yes, this post is continuing. And that was a horrible transition. It's been a few weeks so I have gone a bit farther. I hit mile eight this past Friday and although I was excited when it was finished, I hated just about every step after mile four. First, it was sunny and warmer than my usual runs since I had to take Mr. Young to work that morning and got started late. This messes with me more than I'll ever realize.

I stopped and walked for a block after mile four before continuing and really didn't want to start again. However, I was now four miles from my car so that wasn't happening. I kept trudging back and then my knees started to get sore which happened on my seven mile run too. It literally took everything I had and a lot of coaching to get to the end. I just kept telling myself "run to that stop sign", "run to that next block," "run to that pole," until I made it back.

I all but collapsed on the floor when I got back to the gym (where I started from) and immediately chugged two bottles of water before my cool down walk and stretching. To be completely honest I felt pretty defeated, and disgustingly drenched in sweat.

The trainer that I worked with when I trained for the 8k last fall was there so after chatting with him I realized the mistake I've been making this time around: major slacking on weight training. This is why my knees have been starting to hurt as I up my mileage so I'm hoping that by really going full force with it now I can build myself up to be able to continue my long runs without struggling so much.

So that's where I am and I'm taking it day by day at this point. I'm still on for both races, I'm registered and have hotels. I don't even have the slightest thought of giving up but need to adjust before I hurt myself again. Who wants to be twenty five with horrible knees? Not this girl.

I know some of my lovely readers out there are also training for races so I hope this hasn't been something you've skimped on and would love to hear how your training is going!

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