Thursday, September 19, 2013

The World Will Go On

This is a little mantra I sometimes have to repeat in my head, or sometimes even out loud. Yes, sometimes I talk to myself. I have spent the better part of my twenty five years being ridiculously on time for everything on my calendar, whether a meeting for work or just getting in front of my TV five minutes before a show starts.

I think some of this comes from my mother who is extremely timely and taught me to also plan well and think ahead. I'll admit I think some of this also comes from a little bit of FOMO (ya know, fear of missing out) because I hate being the last one to show up when everyone is already have tons of fun.

Lately I've been working on trying not to get so anxious about time because Mr. Young is completely opposite of me in this department. And yes, this causes much stress for us. When I'm in the car racing to my destination I've tried to slow it down and remind myself that if I'm three minutes late "the world will go on" (for most things). Driving any faster really isn't going to make a big difference and it just puts me on edge. At that point if I'm already going to be a bit late, why stress over it?

This morning I finally found myself acting pretty calm in this type of situation. I decided to update to iOS7 over night (which I don't care for at all, more on that later) and didn't realize that this would mean that my alarm wouldn't go off. Mr. Young and I get up at pretty much the same time so I don't stress because one of our alarms will always go off.

Surprise, not today!

My internal clock had me up at 7:00am, forty five minutes after we were supposed to be up, and I first freaked out because I was supposed to run six miles before work (who was I kidding with that goal?). Then I realized Mr. Young was still asleep and screamed "GET UP IT'S 7:00!! IT'S 7:00! OMG!"

Typically this wouldn't be the biggest wrench in his plans but today of all days he had a faculty meeting before work. While he ran for the shower I started stressing over how I didn't get to run and I said to myself "Self, get it together! If that's the worst that happens today you're not doing too bad." Instead I ran downstairs to help Mr. Young get ready.

With impeccable timing he came downstairs to grab his lunch, breakfast, and coffee I somehow threw together in three minutes and was out the door at 7:10.

Although he was freaking out during those ten minutes I kept reminding him that he is a responsible employee and being 5-10 minutes late for his meeting was not going to be that detrimental. For someone who's worked 7:30am-9:30pm every day this week, I think missing an alarm is exactly what he needed.

So when you're running around today in your crazy life remember that the only thing it's going to do is stress you out. Don't mosy along to your appointments, but please don't sprint either. I promise it will be OK, and if not we can all move to Europe where five minutes late (or more) is the norm.

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Lindsay said...

We all know that I'm terrible at being on time in the first place, but I TRY... haha! I needed this this morning nonetheless. I think, in my case, it applies to trying to "do it all" rather than being on time - I need to be better about reminding myself that if something doesn't get done (sweeping the kitchen today vs tomorrow) or doesn't go my way (bad run), the world will just keep on spinnin'. It's a useful lesson! PS - great job getting Mr. Young out the door in 10 min!! :)