Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: $300 Million Dollars

Although this blog has only recently become Chasing Young, I must pay hommage to her predecessor, My Semi-Charmed Life. When I saw that today would be my 300th blog post since establishing this little piece of the internet back in May 2010 I knew I should do something to commemorate the momentous occasion, but what exactly would that be?

After kicking off my new Wedding Wednesday series last week I decided I would blend these two themes. Also, THANK YOU! to all of those who share their words of wisdom via comments and email about wedding registries. I really need to get a handbook on all of this, it's like a science. If you have some good advice about registries you didn't get to share, please share all of your insight with me on this post!

So, back to Wedding Wednesday...

For this week I was first thinking of doing a daydream post of what kind of wedding I'd have if I had a million dollar budget. To incorporate the celebration of my 300th post I've upped the ante to $300 million dollars. 

At first I began to imagine a wedding in some type of barn-esque type building decorated with billowy fabric, big chandeliers lighting the space, and hydrangeas everywhere. Something rustic yet still classic and slightly glam. Fine china, silky linens, and a live band for the soundtrack. Maybe a bit like this...

By the way I highly encourage you to head over to this photographer's blog because this is seriously one of the most gorgeous weddings. Legit size bottles of wine for favors?

Once I came up with this beautiful scene in my head I realized something else. If I had $300 million dollars (heck if I only had one million) I would run to the nearest wedding planning boutique, sign up for a full service package, and have them plan this for me. Then I'd like to sit in an oversized chair drinking champagne and eating Trader Joe's cookie butter from a spoon while they give me options for flowers, food, and other details and I simply select what I like the most.

Damn, that sounds amazing. Alas I have no where near $300 million dollars, however I am still determined to have that rustic yet classic wedding and am excited about many fun ideas to start bringing to life with planning. 

In real life we tasted some phenomenal cupcakes and took our engagement pictures this weekend. Both were an absolute blast, I'm glad some of the fun parts of being engaged are coming into my life. Want a sneak peak at our pics? Check out our wedding website/blog.

Happy Wednesday lovelies, what would YOU do with a $300 million dollar wedding budget? 

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