Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Registries

Now that we've been engaged for a little over six months I can give you the full report: it's silly. Planning a wedding is definitely not as glamorous as it looks (unless you have an unlimited budget and time) and I seriously cannot believe how much money we are going to spend on a 6-8 hour shindig. That could be one killer honeymoon.

I guess since we're officially under 300 days until the wedding (we set our date for June 28, 2014!) I should start getting on the real planning train. I've booked most of our big vendors by now and we're taking engagement photos and doing a cake tasting this weekend, the most exciting things to date besides finding the perfect dress in June. ps. if you're interested, check out the wedding blog we're keeping to update family and friends!

Since I know I have quite a few lovely readers who have recently been married or are engaged I've decided to use y'all as help during this process! I'm lucky that one of my best friends was married in July and another has an upcoming January wedding so I've had a lot of support and information shared, but I always like to get as many opinions as possible. Insert Wedding Wednesday which will be advice seeking posts, fun updates, or maybe just wedding daydreams if I'm having a lazy week...


I can't tell you how excited I was when I woke up the morning we were going to start our first registry. Since I've found planning a bit stressful I knew this was one thing I'd love: shopping without paying the bill. Zing! However I quickly found out just how overwhelming it was and also hated that the guy at Bed Bath & Beyond wouldn't let us just run around the store by ourselves which I'll be requesting next time after he had us register for the most expensive everything. 

You can register for everything and anything in the world and that is both thrilling and terrifying. We want to register for nice things, but I also think it's ridiculous to ask a guest spend $20 on a set of four measuring cups unless they're made of gold, in which case they'd probably be much more expensive, but I digress. Luckily I've been keeping a Google Doc linked to my phone so that while I'm cooking or doing things around the house and think "I wish I had a [insert object here]!" I can make a note and add it to the registry later. 

What I want to find out today are a few things from you experienced brides and wives...

What did you register for that you definitely didn't need and never use?
What do you wish you had registered for but didn't include on your list?
What are your favorite wedding gifts that came from your registry that are must-haves to include?
For your kitchen appliances what brands did you get, and do you like them?

I would love any of your input surrounding wedding registries that you are willing to share to help us along this journey. So far we've decided to register at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Honeyfund, and I may potentially put together a small Etsy registry as I find things to decorate the new house

Happy hump day and thanks in advance for your tips and tricks!


Jill said...

1) Nothing comes to mind immediately for this one, to be honest!

2) I wish we had registered for china. Storage would have been a pain, but it's really the only opportunity in your life where so many people are buying you things, so it's the only easy chance to get your entire set without major financial pain.

3) We received an all-clad griddle and it is AMAZING. We use it probably once a week and love it to bits. As for other must-haves, I would recommend a multi-size Corningware set. We use them multiple times a week.

4) We have a KitchenAid mixer which I love, a Cuisinart mini food processor (I sometimes wish we had gotten a full-size one), a Cuisinart blender (I think), and a Cuisinart slow cooker (again, I think).

Great idea asking all of these questions! Hopefully you get some good feedback.

The Art of Being Happy said...

1) A super fancy bar set. Beautiful? yes. Did I think we'd actually get it? No. Have we used it? Not once! Also, China. We registered for it, and I really wanted to receive the set. We didn't get one piece! I asked my family about this at Christmas and everyone said they wanted to get us things that we would use more day-to-day. I guess that's fair!

2) I wish we registered for more "homey" items. This was before Etsy had really publicized their registries, so had I known this, I would have gone Etsy-cray. Granted, we received some lovely things, but I'm much more home decor happy than kitchen gadget happy! :-)

3)Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. Game changer. Agree with the comment about the Cuisinart mini food-processor. Also, really really nice sheets. Like the 700 threat count ones. I felt kind of weird registering for them, but we received them and they are also a game changer. Lastly, an Oster electric wine-opener! My favorite wedding gifts were the ones that were the "homey" items...picture frames, art for our wall (like what you gave us!), place settings, etc.

4)See above for the Cuisinart and Kitchenaid shout-outs. We also used several of our target gift cards and bed bath & beyond gift cards to buy nicer Kitchenaid kitchen tools (spatulas, slotted spoons, measuring spoons, etc.) and they are really great.