Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Some days just make you stop and reflect on all that you have in life. After a wonderful weekend filled with friends I woke up yesterday morning not wanting to get out of bed, despite getting an hour more than my usual night's sleep. I couldn't figure out what it was, maybe I just woke up in the middle of a REM cycle?

I got out of bed, ate some breakfast, and got myself together and out the door to work. Then the work day flew by in a whirl of students, PowerPoint building, and inbox clearing. On the way home I knew I needed to go for a run and so for the second time today forced myself to get up and get moving.

While I only ran two miles, which feels so defeating after a half marathon, I ran a hard two miles and at the end I ran right into this scene.

It was gorgeous and I couldn't help but feel grateful for getting myself outside for fresh air and beautiful sights. As I walked home that train of thought continued.

I am incredibly grateful...
To have a job I enjoy
To have a purpose of helping others discover and seek their passions
To be able bodied and enjoy running
To have many wonderful friends even if some are far away
To be able to buy good, healthy food
To have a sweet fiance, even if he forgets to bring all the travel coffee mugs home

Every day that you don't want to get out of bed, go into work, go to the gym, cook dinner, or clean the dishes, remember the small joys that you have in life. I couldn't have imagined when I woke up that I would end the day feeling so grateful for the mundane nuances of life.

I'm still learning that life isn't about being busy every weekend, traveling everywhere, or flashy parties. Sometimes you just need a hot cup of apple cider, a big blanket, Walking Dead on DVR and someone to cuddle up with.

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Megan C. Stroup said...

What a gorgeous run! And I think after running a half-marathon, you definitely deserve to "only" run two miles. :)