Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life Lately

The month of November has been a whirlwind, as you could probably tell by my lack of posting. I was so excited for this month to be here because there were so many exciting things on my schedule. Between birthdays, a bachelorette, reuniting with good friends and far too much good food, I haven't found much time to chronicle anything. I've been lucky to get out of bed and into work on time each morning.

So what have I been up to over the past few mysterious weeks?

Mr. Young and I both had a birthday! I definitely owe a post on turning 26 since I now officially feel like a grown up. It's the first birthday ever that I've woken up and actually felt like I was older. Or maybe just accepting the obvious? I threw a surprise party for Mr. Young (more on that later) and my friends supper club fell on mine and another member's birthday so we celebrated with massive amounts of Mexican food and indigestion for all--hooray!

One of my oldest and best friends is tying the knot in early January and I was so excited to head back to my hometown to celebrate her all weekend! Her sister and MOH should seriously start an events business because each last detail of the weekend was perfect to the personalized bachelorette mad libs we played and the adorable bachelorette survival kits she made for us. Can't wait to be a part of her big day--and that's getting me even more excited for mine--ahh!

Miss Georgia
 If you're an Instagram follower than you're probably familiar with this little furball by now. Within our first week with her I think I may have posted about six pictures of her #sorrynotsorry
After saying goodbye to Pip last month our other cat has been sadly moseying around the house looking for her friend. We knew it would only be a matter of time before we got her one and after about a month and a half it finally felt right. We both took the day off on my birthday and adopted her from the SPCA. I knew she had spunk from the  minute I spotted her and she has turned out to be quite the energetic kitten. I forgot how crazy kittens are. We are loving every minute of it though.

While there's been a lot more than that going on these are some of the big ones and now I'm itching to get out of town for the holiday this week. I am so grateful Mr. Young and I both work in jobs that provide us with great breaks so we'll be heading south to see his family in Augusta tomorrow morning. Hopefully November has been just as good to all of my sweet readers!

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Carolyn Wren said...

Hi, I just found your blog and it's fascinating that I also moved from Columbia to Richmond, although I am a native Texan. Hope you are enjoying Virginia! Happy Holidays.