Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Richmond Day Date

While I unfortunately didn't sleep as much as I'd hoped this past weekend it was definitely a great one! I did a bit too much shopping, a lot of good eating, and finally found some rugs for our house. If you're an Instagram follower you got a sneak peak of one rug yesterday, stay tuned for updates on the house soon.

One great thing about this weekend was lots of little dates with Mr. Young! Our weekends (and weeknights) have been packed and it was nice to spend some time together that wasn't just late at night or catching up before work.

The weather here in Richmond was absolutely gorgeous this weekend and being the first weekend in November I took it as a sign for the last warm-ish weather we'll probably have this season. So we made sure to take full advantage of it!

On Sunday we headed downtown for lunch at the Urban Farmhouse which I've been wanting to try for ages. It's such a cute little place and the food was great. I had a grilled cheese with apple (killer combo) and Mr. Young's tuna was yummy as well. He also had some chicken pot pie soup which he also raved about. We were starving when we got there so this is all you get...

Afterwards we had some time to walk around in Shockoe Slip, which is an area we've yet to explore too much. While we enjoy our little house I'll admit that I feel like we miss out on the city sometimes by living in the 'burbs. I'd like to do some "Richmond Neighborhood Tours" and go spend a Saturday in one area of Richmond, eat there, find things to do, see, etc.

Last was a surprise for Mr. Young, we took a historic canal cruise! There is a canal that runs parallel to the James River and we got to cruise up and down it learning more about the history of our city. I continue to be amazed when I learn about Richmond. Growing up near DC I never thought I could live anywhere that could top it, but I'd have to say Richmond has a hand in the game.

Learned many cool things about Richmond history and it's current downtown areas and I can't wait to go back down there and explore the canal walk by foot. Although I'd have to drive a bit from home I think I'd love running down there because it's so similar to the Riverwalk in Columbia, SC, where I fell in love running.

It's still crazy for me to think that I live in this city. I am now a Richmonder. During college and grad school I must have driven through Richmond about fifty times and never stopped. I'll be the first to admit that our city is not very pretty from I-95, but once you're off the highway (depending on your exit!) you can start to see her charm.

Sadly enough the weekend ended as it always does, but I'm just going to keep the beautiful colors and sites of this weekend in my mind for the week...


Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Excited to come across another VA blogger (over 25 no less)! : ) I went to school in Richmond. It's not the prettiest as a whole, but I just love the beautiful details it has - the cobblestones in Shockoe, the cute restaurants and shops, the bridges and trains, the river. I never went to Urban Farmhouse, but ohh my gosh, the grilled cheese and apple sounds amazing!

Christina S said...

Awe it sounds like you had an amazing time!!
Just found your blog!!
I am now following! I look forward to keeping up!!