Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I think I may have figured out all of this blog mess! Hold your breath, knock on wood, cross your fingers, and make a wish for me. After posting in some blogger forums and finding this amazing Blogger help blog that probably has info for any issue you might ever have, I was able to get my domain name registered and back on this account. Thank you to Nitecruzr whoever you are, you are my hero. I bow down to you.

Seriously y'all, this was driving me bonkers. Mr. Young was sweet as can be this past weekend when I slammed my computer shut and nearly started sobbing after trying for two straight hours to tinker around and get this fixed. So when I found the helpful blog post today and started working on it each step of the way I got even more excited and when I typed in my purchased domain and came to this sweet little corner of the internet I looked nothing less than this...

Honestly, I must share that I'm really disappointed in Google's blogger support. If there's a blog out there that someone independently runs for Blogger support and has so many comments on all of the posts I just looked at to help me fix these problems, they should have this information on their own website. I know they're a huge company but seriously. There's no way to talk to a human there.

Now the real test is to see if these posts will publish to reader sites now that I've changed back to my new domain. I'm scared to see what those results are. If you are a Bloglovin' or Feedly reader please comment and let me know if you can see this or not...may the odds be ever in my favor!


Thank you for commenting that it's working! After a late of packing I checked my email and when I saw the confirmations this literally happened...

Packing up to move this weekend, but you better believe I'll finally be back in full force next week!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garnet & Black

While I hate to admit that we're getting close to fall, I can't help but hide my excitement that Gamecock college football starts up in three weeks. Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to make it to a Gamecock game this season, but there's still plenty of time to make that decision.

First year of grad school
I didn't really know what I was missing out on when I attended a mid-size college that didn't have major athletics. I loved my institution, and honestly my college experience may have been a bit more hazy had a major football team been present... Going to grad school opened my eyes to the world of college football and I cannot wait to watch my Carolina Gamecocks head to the top of the SEC for another season.

Getting up early to tailgate every fall Saturday of grad school will be some of the best memories that I have from those two years. No matter how much homework we had, no matter how hot it was outside, we set forth to walk the mile to our tailgate spot and then prepared for the game.

The day we beat 'Bama!
Even though I'll be watching games from home or at a bar, you can bet your bottom dollar I'l have on a black sundress and will stash a rally towel in my purse just in case Sandstorm happens to play. I've been seeing some brief interviews on ESPN with Connor Shaw and Jadaveon Clowney that are getting me even more pumped for the season. I might even just have to keep my eye on the 49ers this season to catch a glimpse of Marcus Lattimore.

USC Family Weekend '12, first game vs. Mizzou
There's just something about college football, and SEC football in particular, that gets under your skin and stays with you for a lifetime. I look forward to another great season and am keeping my fingers crossed I can maybe make it to a game...

Are you a college football fan? What's your favorite part about the season? Any specific traditions from your school that you continue to partake in each year?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blurred Lines

The first time that I heard Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke I thought I was going to die and go to heaven. Amazing beat, sexy voices, and fun lyrics had me immediately Shazam-ing to find out who the artist was. I had no clue who this Robin Thicke was but was proud I had recognized Pharrell and I love me some T.I. (seriously though) and couldn't wait to get home and download this gem to be my very own.

Blurred Lines has become the Phil Phillips Home of last summer for me, not that my obsession with Home has waned at all. Every time this song is on I am moving around to it, whether it's at home or in the car, and Mr. Young has really been getting a kick out of it.

When we were staying with my parents a few weeks ago it came on in the car and I followed my natural routine of first screaming like a little girl and then screaming at my dad to turn it up. Although there are some racy lyrics my parents loved it too and my dad wanted to know who the artist was.

"Dad it's this guy named Robin Thicke I've never heard of him." -A
"THICKE? Is that Alan Thicke's son?!! Oh wow, that's Alan Thicke's son!!!" -Dad
"Um, sure. I don't know who that is." -A
"Damn generation, he was on Growing Pains, you know, Alan Thicke!!" -Dad
"Nope, still nothing." -A

We still enjoyed the song together and then this past Saturday night while Mr. Young and I were grabbing some ice cream I get a call from my dad.

"Hey you know that Blurred Lines song?" -Dad
"Yes, I introduced it to you." -A
"You've got to watch these great versions I found with Bill Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel!!!" -Dad
"That sounds cool, can you email me the links to the videos?" -A (knowing full well that my dad can't compose new messages but only forward emails, I'm talking chain emails. Yes.)
"Damn generation, just look it up! Go to's entertainment section." -Dad
"People still really use MSN?" -A
"Anna just go watch it when you get home!" -Dad

I went home and watched these videos, and then some. I promise if you take five minutes to watch these it will make your day infinitely better!

and one more for good measure...

And just because I love you, I also found The Best 11 Blurred Lines Parodies. I know, I know. You can thank me later!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

$1 Guac, Hot Donuts & Cardboard Boxes

If the title doesn't give it away this is going to be one random post. After sharing my goals for being productive as I work my way up to seven miles with race training, I have neither fully completed those tasks nor chronicled them. For an update I am back up to mile five which I hit this morning, barely. I'm still working on my mile three goal of fixing this whole blog feed situation, so hold tight. In the mean time make sure to like the Chasing Young Facebook page so that if URL's have to go crazy while I'm trying to fix this issue you'll know where to find me.

So here's some brief updates...
Mile Three: In progress
Mile Four: Cleaned out all of my desk/office supplies today and recycled TONS of stuff! More on that later...
Mile Five: Will be sitting down this week to do a massive clean of my Gmail account, it's in desparate need.

In other news, I had a fabulous three day weekend filled with friends, food, and Friday Night Lights.

3D glasses for The Dark Kastle, cool kids.
Every summer my work shuts down on a Friday afternoon to do updates at the power plant. I don't mind because they give us free tickets to Busch Gardens and ship us down to Williamsburg. We spent all day Friday riding every coaster in the park (including two go 'rounds on Verbolten & Griffon) and I'm so thankful to have awesome colleagues that I can play with outside of the office, and that also share my love of adrenaline rushes.

On Saturday I finally went to the farmer's market for the first time this summer. I know. I am so awful. There are SO many amazing ones here in Richmond but I can just never seem to get my act together on early weekend mornings. I headed to the South of James market with a friend on Saturday morning and finally got to try donuts from Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen and they were absolutely to die for! If you think a fresh Krispy Kreme is amazing this is that times 3498564. I bought an extra to take home to Mr. Young and it took a lot of willpower to not chow down on it before I got home.

I was excited to bring home some good loot, even though I didn't get a ton of stuff. The best find was definitely a huge cup of amazing guacamole from Gotacado (another amazing food truck to try!) for $1. Yes, one single dollar. That's how much I pay for one avocado at Kroger. Zing! This stuff was so great that we definitely killed it in just shy of 24 hours.

If you follow me on Instagram then you got to see the amazing meal I made last night with these delicious veggies. I'll be posting the recipes for ya soon.

While consuming all of this food I've also been packing like a maniac and trying to finish the last season of Friday Night Lights with Mr. Young. As much as I want to get the end I'm going to be so sad for it to be over. That damn show makes me want to pick up and move to BFE Texas, and also really makes me miss my summer in Ft. Worth.

Hope that your weekend was as fun filled and random as mine, cheers to the start of another great week!