Friday, January 3, 2014

2014: The Year of Joy

It's definitely been a little quiet here throughout the past few months. 2013 went out with a bang as I was out of town like every other weekend and in December seemed to have an evening commitment after work every night until we left town for the holidays. The holidays have been a whirlwind and I can't remember the last time I spent a full two weeks at my parents house #cabinfever

While a good goal should be specific, measurable and have a timeline I prefer open ended goals and focusing on adding rather than something I should stop doing. Like my 2012 goal to do more. As I've had some time to ponder resolutions and goals for the next year I've come up with something simple: more joy.

Reflecting on 2013 was interesting. It was most definitely not a year devoid of joy and there were many wonderful and momentous occasions like getting engaged, standing by my best friend's side while she got married, running a half marathon, and more.

What I felt I missed out on though was the little joys. I definitely owe much of this to the continuing struggle to adjust to "adult life", making friends, realizing the meaning of a "friend" is different in different stages of life, and learning who I am when I'm not a student. I continue to be amazed at how long it's taken me to make this transition after the many big moves and transitions that I've had in my life thus far.

College and grad school held so many big, exciting, and shiny events to get excited about. There is still much to be excited about in life these days but it comes in a different type of package. It's a harder one for me to see sometimes so this year I vow to dust off my glasses and pay attention to so many of the smaller things that bring me much joy. In addition, I vow to make time to do things that bring me joy. There are so many things I love to do that I never set aside time for anymore, so each month I would like to add one of these into my regular routine. More soon on what each month will look like.

January is get ready for a full come back. Happy 2014 y'all, I'm getting married this year!!!!!


Jenn @ WLB said...

happy wedding year! I just found your blog and it was really fun to read your about me and see so many similarities! I'm also in love with traveling and I currently work in higher ed!
Happy weekend!
With Luck Blog

Megan C. Stroup said...

What a great resolution! Good luck finding the joy in every day. :) And happy wedding year!!