Monday, January 27, 2014

Life of an (almost) Coach's Wife

While I've referenced Mr. Young (formerly known as Mr. Charming with the old blog name) many times on the blog I've never really shared too many details about him personally. By day Mr. Young is history teacher and by night he is a coach extraordinaire.

Before we moved to Richmond MY coached high school sports all year around. This meant that he was typically at work everyday from 7:00am until at least 7:00pm or later if there was a game that evening. Volleyball season overlapped with swim & dive and that bled into soccer season. It honestly worked out perfectly because for the first year and a half that we dated I was still in grad school and was usually out of the house from 8:00am until 9:00pm anyways.

After moving, he quickly found not just a new teaching job, but of course a new coaching gig as well. He continued with high school volleyball and also sought out a position coaching a club volleyball team. If that wasn't enough he picked up the soccer team at his middle school who conveniently play during his club season. Thankfully middle school sports are only six weeks long and our county doesn't have swim & dive in the high schools!

Throughout his seven year high school coaching career (and many years coaching club before that) he's taken all three of his sports to the state level in playoffs and even won coach of the year back in Georgia. At first this was really intimidating to me as I know only a slight bit about sports in general and my athletic career consisted of one season of first grade soccer.

I'm spoiled in the summers when MY comes home at 5:00pm from coaching at camps, or during club season on his off days since they only practice twice during the week. It can definitely be tough, but this year I've really enjoyed getting learning more about volleyball, having the opportunity to attend more of his games and club tournaments, and getting to know the teams and their parents.

While sometimes I can feel a bit cross about the amount that he coaches because it limits our time together, especially when most weekends in the spring are out of town tournaments, I am incredibly proud of his pursuits with his second career. He has found something that he loves so much that he spends a copious amount of time after his full time job to plan practices, coordinate with parents, hold private lessons for his players, and taking his groups to team building activities. Luckily it provides some extra moolah too.

It's crazy that MY has told me he knows people have had to stop coaching because their significant others will not allow it. Excuse me, you won't allow your partner to pursue a passion that they love? Some circumstances are understandable, for example we've already discussed when kids come into the picture (many years from now) his coaching load will definitely be lightened up, but not altogether abandoned.

The lifestyle is definitely something different to get used to, but it has provided him and us with many opportunities. I've learned that it's pretty much just as important, if not more, than his first job which is why I've recently gotten some crazy looks and comments about the fact that he'll be out of town until the day before our wedding rehearsal for a national volleyball tournament. Honestly it will probably make life 10 times easier to have him out of the way that week!

I never would have dreamed that sports would become such a large part of my life one day, but I am excited to see where this journey will continue to take MY and to be there to support and encourage him along the way. Shout out to all of the coaching girlfriends and wives out there!

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