Monday, January 20, 2014

MLK: A Day On

On January 3rd I may have said my task for this month was to get back to blogging. Well after being sick my first few days back at work and recuperating over the past two weeks that clearly hasn't fallen through! January has naturally become the month of simply "cleaning up life" if you will, because it brings me great joy to have a clean house and organized life. More on that and what I've decided to focus on for the rest of this will come soon.

Today is a bit more important than focusing on me and my own goals for this year. For the first time this year, the university that I work has cancelled classes for MLK day. When receiving this news last year I was ecstatic--a three day weekend! Between the winter holidays and Memorial Day we have no paid holidays so you can understand why I was overjoyed to hear this news.

I absolutely savor days off. I sleep in a bit, but don't waste the day away. I leisurely get up, take time to enjoy my coffee and read. If there's something important to get done like cleaning or errands (and usually there is) I'm able to fit that in, but still find ways to enjoy the day. However, this year I've decided to stop talking about it and be about it.

Whenever I'm asked to talk about my top values and things I enjoy, the topic of volunteering, service, and civic engagement is always something that I talk about. While I do volunteer for my sorority as a chapter advisor and have been able to get my hands slightly wet with service through the Junior League so far, I've been craving something more. I haven't yet decided what I'd like to get involved with, but as you may have just guessed getting more involved with service is one the focuses I have for this year.

So instead of a day off, today will be a day on. A day to go and gather with fellow university staff, faculty, and students to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through service in our community. Hopefully this will be only the beginning of my journey back into service this year and I cannot wait to see where it will take me.

Whether you're spending this day catching up on Netflix (I'm dying to finish Scandal right now!), taking care of your kids who are off school, or maybe even at work, find a way to complete even a small act of service and compassion. If the world has been kind to you, find a day to pay it forward. Even a simple act of leaving an encouraging note on a stranger's car, paying for the person in front of you getting coffee, help someone with their bags at the grocery store.

Enjoy this day no matter what you're doing, but take some time to stop and think about the reason that you get this day off and ask yourself "What are you doing for others?"

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