Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Five Months to Go

It's been quite a while since my last Wedding Wednesday update around here, in fact we've hit many milestones since then. As of yesterday we were exactly five months and 150 days until the wedding. Holy bananas!

Gah, doesn't this picture just make you swoon?!
Photo by Sean DeWitt Photography
When we decided to set a date that gave us a sixteen month engagement I felt like time was creeping by and it was never going to get here. Quite frankly, I was OK with that. I'll let you in on a little secret...while I may come across to many as an organized person who's on top of everything, I'm a procrastinator at heart. The organizing function of my personality is always in an identity crisis. 

While there are some things I wish I had done sooner, I honestly didn't get crackin' until we hit the six month mark out. It definitely got annoying sometimes to answer "How's wedding planning going?" for the first 10 months while I was doing barely anything. But now I've got an overload to share. 

So in order to catch y'all up as well as help me feel a bit more accomplished let's take a look back at what's been done so far...

  • Found a date and booked a venue
  • Said YES to my dress!
  • Booked an awesome photog, took engagement pics, and created a photobook
  • Ordered and sent Save the Date cards (more details soon)
  • Selected dates and started planning for showers and my bachelorette
  • Mr. Young surprisingly picked the suit that I wanted him to all on his own!
  • Got our bridal party officially on board, booked my grandfather as our officiant and asked my sweet cousins to be flower girls
  • Created registries and got our first gifts from my mama for Christmas!
  • Decided on cupcakes for dessert and booked our sweet shop 
  • Booked a trolley for fun day-of transportation
  • Found awesome hair & makeup to beautify me and my gals for the big day
  • FINALLY decided on a first dance song (this actually happened last night!)
  • Booked a kickass honeymoon, keep your eyes peeled to hear all about it and share some tips!
  • Found a caterer, tasted our menu, and picked out rentals (least fave task of all)
While some tasks seemed daunting all the needed was a quick phone call and a check in the mail. Easy, peasy! I know the tougher part is already starting as I work to draft our day-of schedule and make final decisions on rentals. One thing I love about our venue is that it's not a traditional ballroom, it's a blank canvas for you to completely make your own. This is also the one thing about it that makes me the most stressed in trying to figure out where everything should go.

It's the little things that have been the most fun. Since last February Mr. Young and I have each come up with a good amount of first dance song ideas and there just wasn't anything that we were both in love with. We thought we found one a few weeks back and while I was getting pretty excited about it, I just didn't feel like it was the one. A song came on tonight that I had initially suggested or so I thought, and I sighed...

"That's what I wanted for our first dance."
"Yea, it's one of my favorite songs." MY
"WHAT? I asked you about it forever ago and you said no!"
"Nope, that never happened." MY
"Well, there we go!"

It's surreal to think about how close we are, and also how much still needs to be done. The good thing is that I'm finally starting to get excited and that helps with making the planning a bit more fun.

For all the married ladies out there--what's your advice for the last few months leading up to the wedding?

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Caitlin said...

I think you are a lot further along than some other brides out there! Can't believe it's getting so close :)