Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1096 Wonderful Days

It's been 1096 days since Mr. Young and I made things official. While it's hard to believe we've been together for three years sometimes, it also feels like it has been many more.

Since this very first picture of us (babies!)...

I graduated from South Carolina with my Masters degree
We both re-located to Richmond, Virginia and moved in together
I started a new job, and Mr. Young did as well
We got two little kitties, said goodbye to one, and welcomed another to the family
Celebrate milestone birthdays of 25 and 30
Mr. Young put a ring on it!
We've been on countless trips by ourselves, to visit with friends, and celebrate marriages
Moved into our first real house
I ran my first half-marathon and Mr. Young survived me during my training period (I think the latter may be the bigger accomplishment!)
We've made considerable strides in wedding planning and booked a killer honeymoon

What you can't see though are all of my favorite things.

Like waking up with Mr. Young or when he brings me breakfast in bed on the weekends. Especially his mini omelettes because he knows I love anything miniature sized. Playing Scrabble over coffee on Sunday mornings and knowing exactly how make a perfect cup of java for me. Sneaking flowers home from the store to surprise me when we go grocery shopping and leaving sweet notes around the house.

Lucky for me I only have to wait another 129 days until he's mine forever. Happy anniversary my love, here's to many more!

photo by Sean DeWitt photography


Susan Maccarelli said...

Very sweet post! Congrats and enjoy your wedding planning! I found your blog over at Virginia Bloggers and just wanted to stop by and visit from my blog, http://www.peckedtodeathbychickens.com/

Megan C. Stroup said...

Aww what a sweet recap of your relationship! And you look GORGEOUS in that engagement photo!