Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Mediterranean Honeymoon

I'm going to be completely honest with you today. As soon as we got engaged, the thought of our honeymoon was one of the first things that excited me. You see I was never the little girl who dreamed about her wedding. I've dreamed of how I'd get engaged, giggling with my girlfriends while I get ready for the big day, and most of all--the honeymoon.

The "traditional" honeymoon was always on my mind. I can sit on a beach in the sun forever and I knew that all I wanted was to finally go somewhere in the Caribbean or Latin America and do just that for a week with my new husband. Well, the future hubs had other plans in mind--a trip to Europe. We all know who would actually end up planning that trip, and there was no way that I was going to be planning a big European adventure on top of a wedding.

Put those two ideas together and BAM! Mediterranean cruise it was.

We decided to combine the best of both worlds, and not have to worry about finding somewhere to stay in a list of cities in several different countries. Looking at the itinerary I was definitely feeling the Eastern side of the sea a bit more. While I haven't been to either countries, I just feel that Spain and France are "typical" travel destinations, and I'd like to go there some day but not for this trip. So our criteria as we began searching was that the cruise had to go to either Croatia or Greece and either Rome or Venice, bonus points if we could hit them all! No such luck.

The cruise that we booked will leave out of Istanbul and then port in Mykonos, Greece; Athens, Greece; Valletta, Malta; Sicily, Italy; Salerno, Italy; and finally it will end in Rome. It's been a dream of mine to go on a gondola ride in Venice, and whenever people talk about the city they absolutely swoon, so we're going to round out the trip by heading up there after the cruise. 13 blissful days.

I couldn't be more excited about this trip for a slew of reasons. One, it's my HONEYMOON!! Mr. Young and I travel well together as his laissez faire attitude balances my need to control our days down to the last second. He gets to see many historically rich places, and I get to swim in the Mediterranean Sea (!!!!!). When we're in Sicily we are hoping to have the chance to meet some of my family that still lives over there which is incredibly exciting because I've never met anyone from my dad's paternal side.

Seriously though, I'm getting so worked up over here just thinking about freakin' amazing it's going to be and doing some research for this post just upped my excitement even more... #drool

Venice via 
Valletta via
Mykonos via
Sicily via
the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul via
Have you traveled to any of these destinations? If so I'd love any tips on places to see, good options for transportation, must-eat food, and what attire you may recommend. I'd love any and all information that you'd be willing to share as we plan our itinerary for the trip.

Also, if you missed yesterday's post I shared a bit about where we're going right after our wedding since the honeymoon trip will not be for a few weeks later. Not quite the Mediterranean, but the B&B is absolutely adorable!


Lisa C said...

This looks so incredible. We went to the Outer Banks. Can't really compare, haha.

Megan C. Stroup said...

This sounds amazing! If you need any Rome or Athens tips, please hit me up! ;) I might be asking you for tips about Istanbul if we can make Turkey happen. :)

Charlotte said...

Green with envy! You're going to have the most fantastic time - can't wait for picture recaps!