Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Save the Dates

Happy Wedding Wednesday y'all!

When it comes to wedding planning there are some things that get me totally jazzed and other things I could honestly care less about. Of some of the few things I really care about, paper is one of them. I have an eye for design and in another life (or maybe a future one?) could have seen myself as a graphic designer.

Unfortunately, most drool-worthy announcements and invitations also cost an arm and a leg which was not going to fly with this thrifty bride. I knew that I definitely didn't want to sacrifice on invitations, but there were options to make inexpensive, yet gorgeous, Save the Date cards.

As soon as we got engaged I knew that Vistaprint would be a great resource to have things printed for the wedding, even if it was just a ton of inexpensive and personalized thank you cards. I purchased a Living Social deal over the summer that was $10 for $50 worth of merchandise! #score When it came time to order our StD cards (awkward abbrev, right?) I knew this was going to help us get there.

We decided to go with postcards since you don't have to pay for envelopes and you can save by using postcard stamps. You may not get the same selection of stamp styles (there's no wedding postcard stamp that I could find), but that is not something that gets me that excited and I made do with the apple stamps at our post office.

Vistaprint has a simple StD postcard that we selected, uploaded our own image for the front, and used their sample text for the back. We took one of our engagement pictures and put text on top of it for a more customized look. If you don't have editing software like Photoshop or InDesign (or have a fancy friend that could help) then you can use a site like PicMonkey, which is actually what we used.

Super excited when they came in, but what's up with my pinky?!
You do have to order these in large quantities, so even though we only needed 135 we had to order 250. We have so many left that I keep joking about plastering an entire wall in our house with them. Creepy? The good thing was if I messed up when addressing them, or when a few were returned with a wrong address, it was easy and convenient to just pop another one in the mail and not have to worry about running out.

We ended up spending a bit more than the deal was for so overall we spent $27. 65 on our Save the Dates. You read that correctly! It was more to mail them, $42.90 for postage, than it was to actually order the postcards. And since we spent so little on these I didn't feel quite as bad about splurging a bit for our invitations.

Don't feel like you have to sacrifice what you want because of your wedding budget. There are many ways to get crafty and work with what you have. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more!


Lindsay @ Typically Late said...

Great job! Your StDs (awkward) are lovely. We used postcards from Shutterfly, and I loaded up on coupon codes, and I don't regret it for a second. I cared about the paper products, too, but also tried to keep in mind that, for everyone but myself (and maybe my mom), these were just things that were going to go in the trash in the end.

I had our invitation suite designed by a girl I found on WeddingBee, and then I used CatPrint to have everything printed. It was not very expensive, and everything was really, really good quality. Highly recommend them if you want something that is a smidge better quality than VistaPrint.

Eclectically E said...

These look great! And so impressed with your savings. You certainly have to save where you can when planning a wedding, and you did an awesome job! We did postcards as well for the exact same reasons you mentioned. I love that you said don't feel like you have to sacrifice stuff - it's so true... just have to be realistic!

Megan C. Stroup said...

We picked postcards for the same budget reasons! (No envelopes and cheaper stamps!) But I was also disappointed with the lack of postcard stamp options - only apples and oranges. You can't even order fun ones online. :/ Cute StDs, though! (Jonathan and I have also laughed about that abbreve.)

collectingjoy said...

Love those Save the Dates! Quick note - a former coworker of mine did postcard Save the Dates as well, but hers ended up with a weird postmark that ended up on both sides of her postcard (and smack dab on her face). Not sure if you can actually keep that from happening, but it'd be worth a shot to ask and find out!!!

Liz @ iheartvegetables said...

I ordered my save the dates from Vistaprint! I'm totally going to order my invitations from there as well. It's such a good deal!