Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Year of Joy: One Month In

It's hard to believe that February is here and I'm certainly hoping that the first few days of warm weather this month brought us is a sign that it's about to start thawing out here. While it won't be quite as warm the rest of the week, at this point 40* sounds like heaven to me. And it's disgusting that I just said that.

Anyways, the real point of this post is to check in on my New Years "resolution" of seeking joy this year. It's always easy to make a goal, but accountability will help you stick with it. The last time I shared some goals for New Years 2012 I started a weekly recap like this, this, and this, that really helped me to see what I was doing each week. I'm not going to try and be somebody's hero and give a weekly update again (because I think I stopped after seven last time!), but monthly will do.

We may be just one month in, but I think I'm kicking butt. January's focus was on cleaning and organizing and I did incredible amounts of it around the house. After putting away Christmas I reorganized our attic space and also rearranged my office, cleaned out drawers, and finally found places to put a few pieces of small furniture and decorations that were sitting around from the move.

The cleaning may have not gone quite as well but still better than last year. Mr. Young and I have a tendency to get sucked into this little game called "disregard all adult responsibilities during the week to the point that your house looks like a war zone and then spend all of Saturday and most of Sunday doing six loads of laundry and scrubbing everything from top to bottom". We've been making a true effort each night to do a pick up of what's lying on the kitchen table or left in the living room, and trying not to leave dirty dishes in the sink. With no dishwasher this one can be easier to get away with sometimes.

As I keep organizing and cleaning on my mind I've now also added February's focus: morning time. I used to be a beast at getting up crazy early and having time each morning to workout, read, blog, whatever I chose, before heading into work. I'm a morning person and so many of these things just won't happen after 5:00pm for me. Yesterday and today the alarm was set back to 6:00am and I am thoroughly enjoying my time to lounge around the house rather than fire drill to get ready and out the door on time.

I challenge you to take a few minutes and reflect on the past month. Have you started to blaze a trail towards your 2014 goals? Whether it's been a small or large step remember that the best way to tackle eating an elephant is one bite at a time. And if you're not too pleased with how January went remember that you can always start again today.

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