Tuesday, March 11, 2014

February Reads

Milk Glass Moon--Adriana Trigiani
This was the third and final book in the Big Stone Gap series by Trigiani. After the second one I wasn't completely compelled to read this, but I can never leave a story without reading until the end. With the exception of Twilight. I enjoyed this one much better than the second book, Big Cherry Holler, as the main character Ave Maria finally seems to reach a place of comfort in her life again after many years. There were some twists and turns at the end, but overall a heartwarming story of mother daughter relationships.

The Fault in Our Stars--John Green
When I got my library alert that this book was ready for me I was jumping with joy! I've wanted to read it for the longest time and I'd have to say that it lived up to expectations. I'll give you a fair warning to keep a box of tissues nearby because I think I cried throughout the entire book. Two kids with cancer falling in love, what's not to love about this book. Please read this before the movie comes out because like most stories I'm sure this one is better in book form.

My Name Is Memory--Ann Brashares
Wow Ann Brashares! I was so amazed by this book. Megan recommended it to me and I had recalled hearing about it but never knew what the story was about. The book shares stories of a man, Daniel, who has lived many lives and also has the gift of memory to recall these lives, different from many others. It's a love story at the core and Daniel spends many live chasing down the woman he loves. This one hooks you in--I read it all in one day!

The Maze Runner--James Dashner
If you're a fan of the Hunger Games and/or Divergent series' then I've got a treat for you. The story has a similar feel to it, although I'll warn you that I felt the beginning was incredibly slow and it took me a while to get engaged, but it's necessary to build the story. The main character, Thomas, wakes up with absolutely no memory in a place called the Glade and then everything starts to change. Lots of action, suspense, and of course a little bit of love story thrown in. The ending has me itching to read the rest of the series, and this will also come out in theaters later this year.

Twisted Sisters--Jen Lancaster
OK y'all let's get real here... I love me some Jen Lancaster, that woman has a gift of hysterical humor that has almost made me pee my pants while reading her witty memoir-style books. I'm not quite sure she's fit for novels. While I've noted this as a "February read" I'll admit I'm actually still working on this one and haven't decided if I'm really going to finish it. I've gotten far enough that I'm slightly intrigued, but the writing is just a bit over the top. Don't pick this up expecting anything like her previous pieces.

What have you been reading lately? Any good recommendations to share? Have you read any of these books, what did you think?


Lindsay @ Typically Late said...

We read The Fault in Our Stars for book club last month, and everyone enjoyed it! It was definitely an ugly-cry book - and I wasn't expecting it! Ha :) Looks like some good reads; I'll be adding a few of those to my list. Just finished Orange is the New Black for book club, reading The Execution of Noa P. Singleton right now, and we just picked The Husband's Secret as our next book club book. Yay readers :)

Amy said...

I LOVED The Fault In Our Stars, too! Just like Lindsay said, definitely an ugly-cry book. But the best kind of ugly-cry.