Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Motivation

Sorry I've been quiet the past two weeks, life has been (please read with a Gwen Stefani voice for full effect) b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Getting the last details of rentals and food together for the wedding on top of work has been keeping me busy and I've somehow had something to do after work each night.

Excuses aside, let's get down to business. It's Monday! Yes, I used an exclamation point--get pumped. While we may have fast forwarded the clocks and lost some sleep the sun is shining until after 6:00pm and temperatures are getting warmer (knock on wood).

With everything going on lately when I saw this quote the other day I knew I had to share. As we make more deposits for the wedding and track our budget I silently die inside. So we've decided that now until the wedding we're in penny pinching mode. No unnecessary trips that waste gas, eating out only once a week if friends are involved (not that we eat out much to begin with), no frivolous purchases, and try to eat meals from our pantry which I have stocked well enough for us to survive the apocalypse. Not that I'd actually want to survive the apocalypse.

This weekend was the first test and it wasn't too shabby. Luckily we had some killer weather in Virginia which made it easy to find fun things to do outside. I went for two runs, cleaned up our yard, and had a picnic and good walk around Maymont. We've somehow racked up tons of beer so invited friends over last night to help us drink it and played games, although instead we went middle school style and the girls sat around and watched HGTV while Mr. Young & co. hung out in his man room viewing a Pawn Stars marathon.

In this world it is so easy to get caught in wanting materials things and I'll be the first to admit I'm one of them. Doesn't matter what it is. Clothes, tea towels, a cat toy. Give me any object and I'll find a way to rationalize just exactly why I need it. It's time to take my longing for material things and focus that energy towards doing something productive.

I challenge you to burn these words into your mind and make a few purchases as possible this week. I'd be interested to hear what you do instead!

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Liz @ iheartvegetables said...

I love that quote! Perfect for a little Monday Motivation :) I hope all of the wedding planning is going smoothly!