Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Registry Faves

I can't help but shout "It's HUMPPPPP dayyyy!!" today. Is anyone else seriously dragging behind after turning the clocks forward this weekend? I don't think that it usually hits me this hard but it's been a mighty struggle to roll out of bed so far this week. It probably doesn't help that I also stayed up way past my bedtime on Monday to see the disaster that was the Bachelor finale. #juanpablosucks

Let me try and focus here... Way back in August we started getting our wedding registries together. I got some really helpful advice after this post last fall and have continued to ask my newlywed friends questions about how to go about the registry process.

After weighing our options we decided to register in four different places that best suited our needs and styles. Yes, we're those people. Bed Bath & Beyond for a lot of the kitchen and household basics, Target for cuter kitchen and household basics in addition to a few fun things, Etsy for some more personalized and sentimental gifts, and Honeyfund to give people the opportunity to gift experiences rather than material items like a gondola ride when we're in Venice.

I must admit that it's pretty fun to build a registry. It's like when I add things to my shopping cart online and feel like I purchased things without spending money...except I'll actually get some of these things! Luckily I can adjust everything as much as needed and went through and did some weeding out this weekend now that my bridal shower is in the near future (yikes!).

For today's Wedding Wednesday I wanted to share some of the items I am most excited about!

At first I was registered for some boring metal cannisters at BB&B. As I've finally had some clarity on the vibe I'd like to have in my kitchen I saw this collection and was immediately hooked. I added a majority of the items to our registry. When it comes to kitchen items, if it's not an appliance there were many things I favored from Target's selection. Better color selection for servware and unique items that were no where to be found at BB&B.

Our honeymoon is going to be quite the adventure! I knew that I wanted to find a way for us to compile pictures and momentos from our two weeks of European bliss. We both love the movie Up and when I stumbled upon this while on Etsy one day I knew it was perfect. You can even get something personalized written on spine which I've requested.

Hellooooo, can you say lattes galore at home? I may or may not have an addiction to the frothy foam that comes with my latte and I may or may not have the budget to buy one at the coffee shop every morning. I would have never thought of a milk frother but after following a few bloggers who always preach about theirs I decided it was a must have.

Much to the dismay of the BB&B employee who assisted us there weren't too many things I added to our registry from the fine dining/giftware section. I don't need fancy china (oodles of it are being passed down from family), I don't really do fancy picture frames (though he suckered me into a few), and nice crystal...yea just not my jam. He was a bit distressed that we weren't registering for a cake knife and server, but we're having cupcakes. When we decided to do a cake round as a topper to still have something to cut into I figured I'd search for something a bit my style. I actually saw this server featured in a bridal magazine and immediately fell in love. Now that's something special that I'd like to keep forever.

When else will I try and get away with asking for a $20 mug when my cabinet is already overflowing with them? I'd love to take this baby to work with me for my morning cup of java over emails and am certain that drinking from a Kate Spade mug will make me a happier person. And if the Eat Cake for Breakfast mug comes back from being unavailable you better believe I'm adding that too. It was nice to put something fun and girly just for me on there in addition to the rest of our items.

If you're a bride or newly (or new-ish!) bride, what were some of your favorite registry items? If you're still waiting for the big day, what are you excited to register for?

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Liz @ iheartvegetables said...

Ohhh that mug is SO cute!!! I might have to add some of these things to our wedding registry as well ;) haha