Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Flowers...

Holy moly y'all, can you believe it's April? From my activity on this blog over the past month you may be able to guess that I am excited to finally be through March. I think it continues to be my craziest month at work each year and now we're coasting along with four weeks of classes left.

March was busy enough that I'm not sure I would have had much to blog about anyways. I didn't read a single book, I didn't really work on my New Year's goal, I barely kept my house clean and my life together for the past four weeks. We saw some more snow, we thought we were finished and then we saw even more.

But look what April has brought...

Sunshine! And tulips! Surprise daffodils that popped up in our backyard, and cilantro that is finally showing signs of growth. While I've always claimed summer as my favorite season, I think it's secretly spring. There's something incredibly refreshing about the first bits of warm weather and sunshine after a long, cold, gray winter.

There are some things I've gotten together through March. I'm back on track with running and have officially signed up to run the Richmond half marathon the day after my 27th birthday in November. We hosted a breakfast themed dinner party, I'm caught up on all of my shows (holy Walking Dead finale!), and am making major strides with the wedding. I can't believe our first shower is this weekend and we're under 100 days until THE day.

So while we've already had the first official day of spring, I'd like to think that April 1st seems like a more legit opener to this season. I've missed y'all this past month and look forward to catching up with some of my favorites. Happy April!

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Liz @ iheartvegetables said...

Thank goodness it is finally feeling like spring!!!