Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Motivation

Oh hey it's that girl that occasionally blogs making an appearance this morning. I think until August you can expect me to be pretty sporadic on here, I've been trying but it' just not happening these days. 

I saw this pretty little piece on Pinterest a bit ago and fell in love. It really strikes a chord especially with life the past year. Sometimes I often wonder if I'm wanting something because I really want it, or if it's a societal thing. 

Oftentimes I tend to over analyze everything and think about a lot of "what ifs". One of my favorites is to think about if I was to move to a big city all by myself, maybe even half a world away, where I knew no would I live my life? What would I prioritize? Would I still have a "professional" career or maybe just be happy as a barista or renting chairs and umbrellas at the beach. Honestly, I think I would be 100% happy doing either of those things. Plus I'd either get free coffee or a free tan while I work. Maybe some things that I like to say I love and are my hobbies--I'd actually do. Like yoga, wandering aimlessly through city streets, and spending hours in used book stores. 

Before I go all Eat.Pray.Love on you (that movie and book gives me the worst case of these what ifs) I've also been trying to find ways that I can go into my own wilderness in my current life. It can be easy to have those freak out moments where I think "I'm on 26, is this really what the rest of my life will be like?" Well, too many of those moments are leading me to more consciously think about my decisions and the way I choose to spend my time. 

Today's Monday Motivation was brought to you by Anna's sense of wanderlust, tendency to over analyze, and dream about "what ifs". Use it wisely!

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