Thursday, May 1, 2014

Juice Cleanse: Day Two

As you read yesterday, day two started out pretty well since the scale told me I was four pounds down! I'm usually never a numbers person because for me it's so much about how I look, fit in my clothes, etc. but hey I'm a girl, I was excited. Before getting in the shower I did also notice that my stomach seemed a bit flatter, but I might chalk that up to the fact that I didn't eat food for 24 hours...


I started with my first green juice a bit earlier than yesterday, I think because it took me so long to finish them all during the first day that I just wanted to get it started. I sipped some water along with it and finished it before I got to work which I wasn't able to do the first day. The morning followed pretty much the same as yesterday, I took my green tea and mid-morning juice to an hour and a half staff meeting which kept me pretty occupied.


Lunch juice took me almost two hours to finish and just before three I started getting pretty tired. Not sure how much of this can be accredited to the fact that I had the heater on in my office (yes, in April--I'm not happy about it), it's disgustingly gloomy outside, and I had no student appointments which makes for a boring day at work. The lemonade juice went down easy just as the first day and before I knew it we had reached the end of the work day.


I had no interest in drinking the beet/carrot juice again. It was the worst for me on day one and I also didn't have it made because I ran out of carrots. Running to the grocery store in the rain was not ideal so I decided to skip that juice. I had about a 1/4 of a bottle so I drank that and then just went on to the last juice. I savored that one just like the first day, but definitely gulped it down a bit quicker.

Overall, day two was meh. I still wasn't particulary hungry but it wasn't fabulous, just another day down!

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