Friday, May 2, 2014

Juice Cleanse: The End

So there wasn't really a day three of my juice cleanse. When I woke up yesterday my first thought was, I do not want to drink that damn juice. Before I started the cleanse I told myself that if there was a point where I had absolutely no desire to continue, then don't.

First I thought maybe I could turn the juice into a smoothie by blending it with ice. That was a major flop and the texture made me want to vom. The "smoothie" went down the drain and for breakfast I had a Naked juice so it wasn't wildly different, except that it tasted a million times better than the green swamp I had been trying to chug down. I still packed up my juices for the rest of the day and headed to work.

I was fine for a while once I was in my office but then around 10:00am this happened...

That was that, I was officially done with the cleanse. And completely happy about it. I felt a lot better at the end of yesterday, there wasn't a point during the two days I was drinking juice that I felt tired, starving, or lethargic. I didn't necessarily feel super energized but I felt cleaner and lighter which is what I was going for.

After cleansing my body I'm attempting to stay as clean as possible with my eating. For both lunch and dinner I mostly had fruit and veggies with some lean protein and small amounts of dairy. I was afraid of not feeling too well after my first meal but I was perfectly fine. I also felt like I could eat slower and enjoy my food a bit more because for the first time in a while I hadn't spent all morning thinking about what I might eat for lunch.

Overall, it went fairly well for the two days that I lasted. I think that length of time might be the sweet spot for me to do anything like this. Would I do it again? Yes. Would I do it differently? Yes! I would definitely try and find days that I have a busy schedule at work and maybe some commitments in the evening as well which would make it much easier to not even think about the cleanse.

Have you ever tried a cleanse of any kind? How'd it go? Would you do it again?

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Kaylin L said...

I've never tried one before but I always say "better someone else than me". Hahaha. I have zero self control and I eat like a crazy woman. I don't think i'd do very well at a juice cleanse. Lol