Friday, August 22, 2014

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

T. G. I. F. friends! Is anyone else as excited to see Friday this week as me? We have students back on campus this week and after having a day full of back to back appointments yesterday I'm feeling a bit out shape from the summer. Seriously, I came home and fell asleep on the couch after work which is something I never do. With the weekend kicking off at 5pm, my bestie coming to town this weekend, and throwing a party here tomorrow there are many reasons getting me jazzed about today!

Another one of those would be getting to take this sweet new mug to work today:

I can't even remember how I first stumbled upon Ashley Brooke Designs, but I have been obsessed with her items ever since. Whenever I'm on a site where I love the design or see stationary that makes me drool I always try and find where it came from and I'm pretty sure that's how I landed on ABD a few months ago. Since then I've followed her on Instagram and after a few flash sales I finally gave in and got myself that mug that I've been lusting after.

All of the mugs are adorable, I would love to have the whole collection but this one is my favorite for obvious reasons. What better motivation at work each morning than having my coffee from that sweet mug? Should also be a good convo starter with students!

As if I wasn't excited enough to see a little package when I got home yesterday, I really appreciated how ABD puts thought into their packaging. That polka dot tissue paper...swoon! The extra touches that so many companies are branding their packing with these days really make me smile.

I just have a feeling that I'll end up with another one of her mugs in my collection so soon. It's tempting to just click the button and put all of them in my cart. In addition to having the most clever sayings and an awesome handwritten font I love how they are so classic--just a plain white mug with the text. Haven't quite decided but I think this might my next pick:

Even if you're starting your day with coffee in a boring mug this morning, I hope this can bring some brightness and cheer! Seriously, go check out ABD right now--you won't regret it. Happy weekend friends!

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Caitlin G said...

LOVE that mug and the others as well! Plus the paper and sparkles galore!