Thursday, October 30, 2014

Big Dreams

I created this draft a while ago and have slowly added to it, like a secret online diary I wasn't quite sure I could share with the world. Not sure what gave me the urge to finally hit publish this morning, maybe my extra strong coffee,  #TS1989 blaring as I work, or an extra little nudge from Jess Lawlor's Get Gutsy Newsletter in my inbox reminding me to step outside of my comfort zone. All of those things together were probably a good recipe to finally take the plunge.

My first few years working full-time have been a huge period of reflection for me. I absolutely love my job and have no plans to change things up any time soon, but I do have plans to venture into the life of side hustling. I've always had such a passion to create, build, and own--projects, programs, anything really. The more I read about entrepreneurs, devour Inc. every month, and learn about awesome ladies who are rockin' it out there on their own I am convinced that it's time to finally take a leap.

While my current job is a wonderful fit for me, I have such a diverse array of interests and throughout all of my almost 27 years I've had a hard time with this, especially throughout education. It's difficult to think about pursuing a variety of opportunities instead of taking the "normal" societal approach to find your niche and stick with it. As a career advisor, I'm taking my own good advice that I share with students everyday: your 9-5 job is not your life. It's not the beginning and end of your work, or you, or what you do. There is life outside of that and plenty of opportunities to continue exploring.

Now that I've gotten you all excited I'm sorry to share that I'm not quite ready to spill the beans on what's to come--but I am over the moon excited about it, and thrilled to finally share it more broadly than just with Mr. Young and a friend that I dreamed up this dream with. There's a lot I'm tackling in the next few months to learn everything I can and kick things off and two of these things I'm most excited for are the Creative at Heart Conference and Jess' 30 Days of Gutsy email course.

Even though I'm not putting it all out there yet, there is a way for you to help me out. For any of my Virginia readers (especially those in the Richmond area) who are currently engaged or have been married in the past three years, shoot me an email at chasingyoungblog[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested and I'll share more information. It's nothing time intensive but will be extremely helpful for my current project, if you don't fit into that category and know someone who does I would be extremely grateful if you could pass the word along.

Phew! It's so exciting to have all of this out there--and to know that I'm now going to be held accountable to living up to these big dreams of mine. If you've had an idea or dream that you want to pursue I urge you to take the first step, whether that's taking time to sit down and get your thoughts out on paper or something more actionable like speaking with someone doing similar work to learn more. After dreaming up this dream on a snowy day last winter I'm excited to start making it a reality!


Anna Young said...

Ooooh, so excited for you! Not sure what you have up your sleeve, but I was married (just over) three years ago, and I'd love to help if I can :) Let me know, girlfriend!

Anna Young said...

This is incredibly exciting, Anna! I can't wait to hear more. So happy you decided to #getgutsy and publish this post! xoxox

Anna Young said...

Thanks I am sooo excited! I already had thrown your name on my list :) I'll be in touch in the coming weeks!

Anna Young said...

You will get to hear plenty more!!

Anna Young said...

Congrats on whatever this big change is - you definitely have me intrigued! :) Can't wait to learn more!