Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Training" Update

Just as planned I will still be running the American Family Fitness Half Marathon here in Richmond in just under three weeks. Unfortunately I will no longer be running the race with Team in Training, though I still am continuing to fundraise for the organization and everything already donated still goes straight to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

This was definitely not the season for me to run another half! Truth be told I really could have gotten myself in shape to do it, but was lazy during the summer enjoying my freedom from wedding planning. I still wanted to run the race but didn't find the best fit with the team training so opted not to re-commit to my hefty fundraising goal.

Scenes from this weekend's long run
I've previously talked about the reasons why I enjoy running and one of those is that it's an individual thing for me. While I have lined up by myself at starting lines and felt a twinge of envy at pairs and groups of running buddies I know that I'd prefer to be by myself. I want to go at my own pace and only have myself to worry about. I thought that I could get in the groove but it just didn't click into place, I want to train when I want at my own pace and in the areas that I want to run.

House of Cards is what has kept me going with indoor runs!
I'm grateful for all of the support I've had in training for this second race but will have to admit I'm getting sick of answering questions about how it's going--because it's not! Being lazy I started way too late to really get running and so am hoping to get to eight or nine miles before race day, but we'll see what happens. I'll probably end up walking big chunks of the race and am OK with that, I'm just trying to get to the finish line no matter how it happens. Nothing will be as satisfying as the first half marathon that I ran, that was the big achievement and now I get to do it with a bit less pressure.

Who else is planning to run some races this fall? Let's band together for some extra motivation!


Lisa C said...

I'm running another half next month and have also had zero motivation. I just am not interested in training for it.

Anna Young said...

I can definitely understand that, it's taken me a long time to get motivated! That's why I definitely had to adjust my expectations and know there's no way I'll run the whole thing. Best not to push yourself and get hurt!