Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekly Round Up #TGIF

It's the return of weekly round up! This time around I'm not thinking about just awesome articles and information I've found throughout the week, but a top five round up that will include that and more about the past week. And I can't sing enough #TGIF praises this week, seriously!

1.  Ashley Brooke Designs--New Mugs!
This has been the week for following ABDesigns. The Amy Poehler mug giveaway was awesome to see, and then a whole new line of mugs? I am digging the "Go Big or Go Home" one, might need to be the next addition to my adorable mug collection.

2.  There's More to Life Than Being Happy
I sat down and took the time to read through and reflect on this article. Especially with the career oriented work I do, there are many conversations I have with students tied to this subject of happiness vs. meaning and I see it playing out among people I know and of course all over social media. Highly encourage you to take a few seconds to read it.

3. THIS Kate Spade Inspired Wedding
Don't need many words here. I cannot stop oohing and ahhing over every bit of it. Well, except those massive paper flowers at the ceremony. But the rest of these details have my heart swooning!

4. Early Morning Runs
I got my act together to get up and run this week and it's been glorious! I've missed watching the sunrise and getting to take advantage of this beautiful quiet time with myself before the rush of the day. Hopefully these extra miles put in will make my long run this week even sweeter.

5. Family Visits
I've gotten to see almost all of my family this week! My sister stopped by on her way up from college for fall break and even if just a for a few hours it was nice to cuddle on the couch and catch up, or did we cuddle on the couch watching HGTV and fall asleep? Whoops! My parents are coming tonight to stay the weekend in Richmond and I can't wait to see them, share some wonderful meals together, and go on a fall adventure!

What's been a highlight of your week? Any great news, articles, or pieces of happy to share? Would love to hear them! Pour yourself some extra coffee and make this Friday great!

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