Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Motivation

I really need today's motivation tattooed on my inner wrist so I see it every time that I'm peaking at my watch...

Not to point fingers but the world today makes this so hard to remember. I feel like there's always a countdown running for the next big event or moment and I'm consistently looking forward to things to come instead of enjoying where I currently am. This doesn't only create personal stress but it is incredibly unfair to those we're interacting with as genuine encounters become rushed conversations of wondering when we'll move on. 

I'd say a part of this goes back to my need to be early which makes me run around like a crazy person some days. I've been trying to remember these words more and more these days and even found myself thinking them when I made the mistake of grocery shopping at Walmart on a Sunday afternoon yesterday. That definitely wasn't the easiest but when I took the time to not care about all of the inconsiderate people leaving their carts all over the store I found some great things: Chobani pumpkin which I've been hunting for all season, Natural Bliss' new hazelnut flavored creamer, and Hardywood Pumpkin. Super score!

As you get into this week I dare you to adopt this mantra and try to think of it often. You'll be surprised with yourself when you remember to live in the moment and take in scenery you didn't even know was there. 

Cheers to a new week!


Anna Young said...

Anna I just found your blog through the 30 Days of Gutsy group. I really needed to read this today. I have so many different things going on that I have to constantly plan for. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I have no choice but to stop, shut down, and just live in the moment for a second or two. This really comes in to play when dealing with my 4 year old son. He doesn't understand all the "stuff" I have to do, he just wants to play. I look forward to learning more about you in the group.

Anna Young said...

Love this!! After getting the house, I've been kind of overwhelmed wanting to do ALL THE THINGS. Sometimes I need to just sit back and relax!