Monday, December 29, 2014

Six Months

Time surely flies right on by! How is it possible that Mr. Young and I have been married for six months already? We were out shopping yesterday when I looked at the calendar on my phone and was amazed that it was December 28th. When I asked him if it he knew what day it was it took a while, but he's usually pretty good with important dates so I threw him some slack.

With the holidays and seeing family and friends we haven't seen in a while we keep being hit with the "How's married life?" question. I'm still not quite sure how to answer this. We've practically been married since June 2012 when we moved in together and completely intertwined our lives. At that point we began splitting holidays between our families, we became each other's emergency contacts, and we started to merge our finances. Since then and before the wedding we've made difficult decisions and experienced loss together.

So I can't say that life has felt incredibly different minus the name change, but I think what has changed has been the planning. Creating goals and a shared vision for our life together and what we hope to accomplish as a team. And we have started to create a list of goals that makes me incredibly excited for the future!

I'm sure that the next six months will fly by as well and somehow it will be June 28, 2015 with a blink of an eye. My favorite thing is breaking out our awesome wedding video to relive that amazing day which was such a blur for the both of us. Here's our wedding highlight reel below, Chris from emotion Pictures is brilliant!

Cheers to half a year bud, I love you to the moon and back!

Photos by Sean DeWitt Photography

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