Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Juice Cleanse: Day One

If you're reading this that means that I survived day one of my juice cleanse! Here's a recap of the beginning...


When I woke up I was not immediately hungry, but I might chalk that up to the massive dinner I ate at 10:00pm the night before I started the cleanse. I typically eat within the first 30-40 minutes of waking up and I decent breakfasts so I was worried about wanting to eat my hand off.

Typically I tend to stay pretty healthy with breakfast and rarely deviate. It's the one meal of the day where I can eat the same thing and not get bored. During the winter I usually eat oatmeal most days along with some fruit and nuts or nut butter. When it starts to get warmer I'm back to plain Chobani with fruit and Kashi Go Lean cereal as a granola substitute. I eat breakfasts that are protein heavy to keep me going until lunch so I was most worried about being hungry in the morning.

Thanks to my friend Kelly for sending me some motivation yesterday!
Around the time when I usually start to get hungry I did, and so I grabbed my first juice of the day, a beautiful green bottle of liquid. She's got apple, kiwi, kale, spinach, pineapple, and a random handful of celery, bell pepper, and sugar snap peas just because they were sitting in my fridge and I figured they matched. The juice isn't half as bad as I thought it would be, but not quite as sweet as when I taste tested last night. I think sitting in the fridge overnight really brought out more of the veggie flavors.

After my first juice I probably had 12-18 ounces of water as well as a cup of green tea with just a pinch of stevia. At 10:30am I started feeling hungry although I also felt full from all of the liquid, it was an interesting feeling so I just went ahead and grabbed the next juice and it took me an hour and a half to finish it. These are definitely sipping juices, but in my defense I also had a 30 minute student appointment where I wasn't going to whip out my bottle of swamp looking juice.


My office ordered Jimmy Johns for lunch so I stayed inside my office until the threat of seeing or smelling a sandwich had passed. Honestly though I wasn't hungry and I think only felt hungry when thinking about food. I'm usually someone that eats at 12:00pm on the dot if not a few minutes before. I didn't open up my "lunch" juice until 1:00pm and finished it just before 3:00pm.

The spicy lemonade was next and it really wasn't so spicy, so maybe I should have added more cayenne but I was nervous about my mouth burning off. I threw it back in time to leave the office a bit early at 4:15pm. We had to take the cats to the vet last night (just a check up!) so that preoccupied me for a good hour and a half.


When we got home it was time for "dinner" and this beet/carrot/apple juice was the roughest all day. It really didn't taste that bad but I think I was just so over it and Mr. Young was chowing down on a bowl of cereal right next to me. This was the toughest part of the day, but I think that being home and seeing my easy access to food was what made it the most difficult.

We met with our awesome wedding videographer last night at Panera, and I was sure that this is when I would crack. After ordering a hot green tea I found us a table near the door that faced the door/outside windows so I could look at as little food possible. Worked like a charm, we had such a great conversation that I didn't think once about wanting to grab every pastry and bagel from behind the counter.

The best part of the day? Definitely the last "juice" which is an almond milk and banana concoction. It was sweet, creamy, and almost brought me to tears. It was the best thing I had all day and I savored every sip of it for almost a half an hour (the shortest time it took me to finish a juice all day) while we caught up with TV.

So overall, it went better than I was expecting. I wish that my schedule at work was busier because that would definitely make it easier to quickly move throughout the day without thinking much about not eating. I felt pretty good this morning, and was not hungry at my usual time although I've started sipping my "breakfast" juice already since I saw yesterday that it takes me forever to finish one.

While my goal of this cleanse is not to lose weight, of course this girl was curious. I weighed myself several times this morning because I was in disbelief, but I'm four pounds down. I know weight fluctuates for many reasons and mine does a lot, so I wouldn't credit all to the juice.

Day two has begun so check back in tomorrow for more updates!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Juicy News

Welp, I guess three posts this month is better than no posts this month! It seems like just yesterday I was writing about the first day of April and May is now a mere 48-ish hours away. Someone stop the clock.

The odd thing is that I feel like the closer we get to the wedding, the more of an urge I have to shove junk food and sugar into my mouth. I don't know where this is coming from. Not that I'm the craziest health nut to ever live, but I'd like to think I usually have a pretty good handle on my nutrition. I always order a side salad or veggies instead of fries, rarely eat anything fried, and usually have big salads for lunch. I also judge other people's carts at the grocery store. It's a problem.

I think my problem came from giving up sweets for Lent, and the idea that giving into your cravings can be a good thing has been reinforced for me. My bridal shower was three weeks before Easter and I said "What the heck!" and went for it with the desserts. So many desserts. Beautiful little butter cookie sandwiches with buttercream filling. I can't. From there I feel like I've been binging on sugar every chance I get. Donuts in the office, cupcakes at a gathering, pints of gelato stashed in my freezer. Don't even start me on Easter candy this year.

At this point, enough is enough. I'm ready for a reboot because my body feels like it's been hit by a truck and thrown down a mountain. Twice. I'm not sure I've really felt hungry in a few weeks and have been eating abysmal amounts of vegetables. It's cleansing time.

I've always been highly intrigued by juice cleanses but have not wanted to foot the bill for a juicer. Lucky for me I have a mother who tends to buy appliances that sit around and collect dust. OK, not piles of them but some. Like the Ronco rotisserie cooker, remember "Set it and forget it!"? I borrowed the juicer which hasn't been used since it's Christmas arrival and finally took that baby for a drive tonight. She's a beaut, thanks Mom!

Trolling through Pinterest I found the DIY Ritual Cleanse and mashed it up with the Blueprint Cleanse (which would be so easy to just buy if I didn't live on an education salary) for a three day cleanse. Six juices a day, water, and green tea. Let's hope Mr. Young is still alive on the other side of this cleanse. I spent three grueling hours last night prepping, juicing, and cleaning. Who knew it could be so intense to pulverize the juice out of things?

Afterwards I made sure to have a nice dinner of deviled eggs, pasta salad, and baked beans (leftover from our BBQ shower this weekend--more to come on that!), finished off with a beautiful piece of cake. I savored every last bite and since I ate so late I'm hoping that it will also hold me over through some of today.

So I'm back to blogging because I'm going to need something to do with my hands since they won't be grabbing food and shoving it in my mouth for the next few days. I'm prepared to share a recap of each day along with some lessons learned from my juicing experience. The first...kale is a bitch.

Hopefully you'll hear from me again soon if I make it through day one.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Motivation

Oh hey it's that girl that occasionally blogs making an appearance this morning. I think until August you can expect me to be pretty sporadic on here, I've been trying but it' just not happening these days. 

I saw this pretty little piece on Pinterest a bit ago and fell in love. It really strikes a chord especially with life the past year. Sometimes I often wonder if I'm wanting something because I really want it, or if it's a societal thing. 

Oftentimes I tend to over analyze everything and think about a lot of "what ifs". One of my favorites is to think about if I was to move to a big city all by myself, maybe even half a world away, where I knew no would I live my life? What would I prioritize? Would I still have a "professional" career or maybe just be happy as a barista or renting chairs and umbrellas at the beach. Honestly, I think I would be 100% happy doing either of those things. Plus I'd either get free coffee or a free tan while I work. Maybe some things that I like to say I love and are my hobbies--I'd actually do. Like yoga, wandering aimlessly through city streets, and spending hours in used book stores. 

Before I go all Eat.Pray.Love on you (that movie and book gives me the worst case of these what ifs) I've also been trying to find ways that I can go into my own wilderness in my current life. It can be easy to have those freak out moments where I think "I'm on 26, is this really what the rest of my life will be like?" Well, too many of those moments are leading me to more consciously think about my decisions and the way I choose to spend my time. 

Today's Monday Motivation was brought to you by Anna's sense of wanderlust, tendency to over analyze, and dream about "what ifs". Use it wisely!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Flowers...

Holy moly y'all, can you believe it's April? From my activity on this blog over the past month you may be able to guess that I am excited to finally be through March. I think it continues to be my craziest month at work each year and now we're coasting along with four weeks of classes left.

March was busy enough that I'm not sure I would have had much to blog about anyways. I didn't read a single book, I didn't really work on my New Year's goal, I barely kept my house clean and my life together for the past four weeks. We saw some more snow, we thought we were finished and then we saw even more.

But look what April has brought...

Sunshine! And tulips! Surprise daffodils that popped up in our backyard, and cilantro that is finally showing signs of growth. While I've always claimed summer as my favorite season, I think it's secretly spring. There's something incredibly refreshing about the first bits of warm weather and sunshine after a long, cold, gray winter.

There are some things I've gotten together through March. I'm back on track with running and have officially signed up to run the Richmond half marathon the day after my 27th birthday in November. We hosted a breakfast themed dinner party, I'm caught up on all of my shows (holy Walking Dead finale!), and am making major strides with the wedding. I can't believe our first shower is this weekend and we're under 100 days until THE day.

So while we've already had the first official day of spring, I'd like to think that April 1st seems like a more legit opener to this season. I've missed y'all this past month and look forward to catching up with some of my favorites. Happy April!