Thursday, January 1, 2015

15 in 2015

Happy 2015 friends! It's hard to believe that 2014 is already over, she came in quickly and was gone in a blink of an eye. This year held so many big moments, but I am incredibly excited for 2015.

I love beginnings. 

I'm a morning person and feel that anything is possible before lunch time, when my energy starts to taper. When I feel defeated or a lack of creativity, heading to bed and rising early to reset is always the best remedy. I've realized recently this doesn't just apply to each day, but to hours, months, years, projects, etc. So much of my energy comes from strategizing, brainstorming, and big picture thinking that it only makes sense for me to love beginnings. 

Waking up to 2015 feels like an absolutely amazing brand new morning. After a bit of food, a lot of coffee, time on Pinterest, and devouring every second of Endless Love, which I had stashed on the DVR for me time, I'm feeling up to the challenge to pull all of my inspiration into 2015 planning.

15 in 2015

1. Read at least 20 books. I definitely fell short of my reading goal this past year and it made me sad to not spend much time with good books. The wedding can be to blame for this, but now it's time to get back on track! To follow along with what I choose to pick up check out Good Reads.

2. Run three races. Not picking them out because who knows what the year will hold. They can be any length and of any variety.

3. Get back to meal planning. When Mr. Young and I first moved in together I was the queen of meal planning. And that's when I wasn't eating meat! Life has happened and now that we have so many evening engagements we've gotten into a rut with our eating. Glad I still have my May Designs meal planner to put back to good use!

4. Institute meatless Mondays. I went an entire year and a half without eating meat (though I did still have seafood) and I truly noticed the difference that it made. I felt lighter, cleaner, and all around more healthy--I also ate a ton more veggies.

5. Intentional reflection. At the beginning of each month I vow to sit down and reflect. What did I accomplish? What can I continue to do better? Are there mini goals to make for the month ahead? I made the most progress when I break things into chunks and know that this will be crucial towards reaching all of my goals.

6. Establish a regular activity oriented date night. Yes, we're old. We're the people that I never knew we could be--a regular date night, really? But yes it's completely necessary. Living together isn't one big date and we've realized lately how much we miss going to do fun things (not just eating), just the two of us.

7. Launch Dogwood Brides! This one definitely gets an exclamation point. While there's no date in sight yet the wheels are moving towards getting our website up and running.

8. Learn and develop a new creative skill. I'm thinking either photography or basic design with Adobe programs. The latter of which I actually used to be good at. Or maybe calligraphy?

9. Save mo money. After listening hearing this classic last night I just can't say more. Mr. Young and I have some big goals of our own for this year and we really need to get some mo money in the bank. Sometimes I wish we both weren't in education, but then I remember all of the personal wealth that comes from teaching others. Can't put a price tag on that!

10. Move more. There you go, here's the typical exercise goal. The problem is that I love exercising...I really just have to get started and then not burn myself out. It's not realistic to do something intense every day of the week so even if I can only get out for a 10 minute walk somedays, I need to realize that's better than nothing.

11. Organize memories. I save so much stuff with the intention of doing something great with it, it's time that greatness happens. This specifically includes: make photobooks (wedding, honeymoon, 2013 & 2014), Holiday card/letter scrapbook, photo albums (random college & post grad photo mountains), and figure out what to do with wedding cards.

12. Create a space that inspires me. I've started working on my home office which you may have seen on Instagram, but I still have a ways to go. Getting everything organized and refreshed will definitely help motivate me to start making things happen with other goals!

13. Social media purge. There are tooooo many things completely saturating every bit of social media that I'm on. I want to sit down and do a total clean out on who I'm following and how I organize this information.

14. Re-establish a morning routine. Gah, I used to be such a boss at this. When we were back in our apartment I was up so early every morning. I would run, have breakfast, blog, and read all before getting to work early.

15. Carve out happy time. There are so many things that I love and that bring me so much joy: painting, crafting, writing, dreaming. The problem is that I never give myself the time to do it, I need this pin tattooed on my inner wrist. Whether I can get it in once a week or every other I hope to carve out a week night or chunk of the weekend to spend in my office doing something creative, and completely getting lost in it.

BONUS! After writing this list I remembered that one of my 101 in 1001 items is Project 365, aka take a picture every day of the year. To follow along check out #project365ay on Instagram.

There we go, so let's get out there and get to it. 365 days of greatness coming in 2015!


Anna Young said...

Awesome goals! I love how some are big and some are more "everyday;" I think it's easier to accomplish goals when you have a variety. :) And if you come up with any awesome things to do with wedding cards, I hope you will share! I could use some inspiration haha.

Anna Young said...

Thanks Megan--I definitely have to mix it up! And will of course have to make a post on whatever I decide to do with wedding cards. There are so many and they're beautiful and filled with the sweetest messages. I must find a great way way to look through them over the years!