Saturday, March 21, 2015

2015 Goals Update

While I did set up one goal for intentional reflection and checking in on my 2015 goals, I haven't quite done that yet this year. I mean I have spent a lot of time thinking about all that has happened so far, but have yet to really pull the list back up and think about what I've done towards each goal. There are plenty of things that I haven't started or really gotten into, but it's March so I'm going to go easy on myself.

So let's take a look at what I've been up to so far...

1. Read at least 20 books. Definitely not progressing at all towards this one! Any free time has been spent working on Dogwood Brides, but that really is no good excuse. Instead of finding new things on Netflix to watch before bed I could certainly be reading, and honestly I'd probably get to bed a bit earlier! I did start Make It Happen, but then I spent so much time making it happen that I have yet to finish...

2. Run three races. Well I've ran twice in 2015--HA! Was actually just talking about this today with a friend and really need to sign up for something soon. 

3. Get back to meal planning. Not quite back in full-swing with planning but I've definitely been much more intentional.

4. Institute meatless Mondays. Nope.

5. Intentional reflection. I haven't really done this by the standards I set for myself with this goal (sitting down, writing out mini goals, etc.) but have definitely been doing a lot of reflection.

6. Establish a regular activity oriented date night. We've definitely been getting better but still have a ways to go. Next up is fort building in the living room and a movie marathon!

7. Launch Dogwood BridesAnd this would be why every other goal has not been started on yet, but this one is a big 'ol CHECK! :)

8. Learn and develop a new creative skill. I have been taking a photography class and now know how to actually use the fancy functions and not shoot on auto! Definitely haven't picked it up as well as I'd hoped by now but I know it will come with more time and practice. Also starting to break out my calligraphy a bit more.

9. Save mo money. When did I become an adult and how do I make it stop? AKA nope...

10. Move more. YES! Something I actually have been doing. Going down two flights of stairs to use a different restroom at work, parking farther away, etc. I've been trying to do as many little things as possible to move.

11. Organize memories. Not quite yet, but I have organized some pictures and am starting to make a list of all of the albums and photo books I'd like to work on. 

12. Create a space that inspires me. My office is looking better than 2014 with a new shelf and table, but still have a ways to go. I'd really like to get it finished in the next month, will have some updates when it's finished!

13. Social media purge. I do this a bit on and off. As I scroll through all of my social media sites I've taken a second to stop and think about the content I'm looking at and thinking about why I follow it. Does it inspire me? Is it just funny? Is it someone that I know? I've been clearing out much more than I thought I'd be able to.

14. Re-establish a morning routine. Still working on this too, Rome wasn't built in a day my friends!

15. Carve out happy time. Definitely getting better at this and can't wait to keep blocking off some time to let my creative mind wander.

BONUS! After writing this list I remembered that one of my 101 in 1001 items is Project 365, aka take a picture every day of the year. To follow along check out #project365ay on Instagram. ---> I've been the best about this and while I did have one day I didn't post,  I did take a picture that day and posted the next! It's so fun to scroll back through my hashtag and see so many fun things I've already done this year.

So after taking the time to look through, I must say I'm pretty proud of this year so far. Although there are some goals I haven't really got into, I have been giving thought to all of them and trying to work towards them in small chunks here or there. Most of all I think this year I have really given myself grace. I can't do everything, I am not perfect, and life is not just about goals--but it's about living and fun!

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