Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekend Deals Roundup

I do know that Memorial Day Weekend is not a celebration of shopping, that it is a time of remembrance for the brave men and women who have fallen serving our great country.  I fully respect and honor this holiday just as much as I respect our armed forces everyday that risk their lives and spend time away from their families and friends to protect us and our freedom. They are absolutely incredible and I feel so thankful for the sacrifices that they make on behalf of America, and this weekend will have the families and friends of those who have fallen in my thoughts.


Because we're currently buying a house, I've had my eyes on my inbox and around the internet for any big deals going on as we're going to have a bit more space than in our current house. After doing so much searching around on my own I thought I'd share some of the deals I've had my eyes on for you if there's anything in particular that you're in need of or have been looking for.

Since we're not yet in the house I think we're probably going to hold off and wait for July 4th sales, although if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen I did make our first new purchase for the house. We are going to have a screened in porch and I'm so excited for outdoor living and looking forward to building a room around this rug. Score!

In addition to what I sought out and found in my inbox below, check out this awesome list from Business Insider that is an even more complete round up.

West Elm // thisisbig for 25% off everything! (ends Memorial Day)

Tiny Prints // MEMORIAL30 for 30% off sitewide (ends Memorial Day)

Bauble Bar // MEMORIAL 20 for 20% off sitewide, MEMORIAL25 for 25% off when buying 3, and MEMORIAL30 for 30% off when buying 4+!

Macy's // HOORAY for 20% off

Lilly Pulitzer // Splash Into Summer, gifts with purchase. An adorable Starfish Bangle with any purchase and some extra special gifts starting at $200 spend!

Michaels // 520ENTIRE for 20% off your entire purchase, or head to their website for the in store coupon. Stock up on some crafting supplies!

My Publisher // TIME2DESIGN for 50% off album design service

Amazon // FUN20SUN for 20% off

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I have been trolling Pinterest, wayyyy too much lately and falling in love with so many great ideas, recipes, etc. and while it's been ages since I've done a What I'm Loving Wednesday post, I'm bringing it back! Since I've been going so pin crazy lately I'm thinking I'll be switching up WILW to be mostly focused on my favorite pins of the week. I'll try to limit myself, but who ever can limit themselves when it comes to Pinterest?

Our new house (more details coming soon, I totally promise!) only has one bathroom. As much as it pained me it really was perfect besides that fact and there's already some plans to add a half bath. We barely use our two full baths as it is now so whatevs. Anyways, with one bathroom for the morning I'm already scheming about adding a vanity to our bedroom. Right now I get ready in front of a small dresser in our bedroom and it's time for something legit. How awesome is this set up? 

My design ideas for my home office is based off a white and black rug with a lot of pops of bright, bold colors. When I came across this pin I could not stop staring it and added it to my Home Office board immediately! My office chairs are painted just about the same shade of pink as that little pot and I'm totally digging that teal. How cute are those little succulent pots too? 

I actually found this through my all time favorite food blogger/spirit animal Jessica from How Sweet It Is and then immediately pinned it for safe keeping. I mean c'mon, a Rice Krispy Treat crust? How do people come up with these incredible ideas?!

This swoon-worthy engagement featured on Dogwood Brides this week.
Ok, shameless plug I know--but y'all this session by Allison Kuhn Creative makes me weak in the knees! Not only it is absolutely stunning, but it's shot around some of the most incredible places in Richmond. When I think of a "Richmondy" engagement, this is that and more.

This Grilled Buffalo Chicken Caesar Salad from How Sweet It Is.
Everything this girl makes I immediately want to devour. And as awesome as her food it, her blog posts are even better. She cracks me up and makes me incredibly hungry at the same time. Since it's been nice we've been living outside at our grill and I can't wait to get everything together to make this salad soon. And if you haven't yet had grilled romaine, you're in for a treat!

This print from Pretty Chic on Etsy.
Again, with the home office! Loving not only this quote but that rich color. Most of my prints and other wall decor tend to have a mainly white background and I'm in need of some pieces with more color. Little known fact I took French for five years (and couldn't even put together a sentence of it now...) so a fun ode to that as well!

What are y'all digging this week? Share some links to your fave discoveries, pins, blog posts, etc. Would love to see what you're loving!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Welcome to Rocksbox!

You may have seen my sneak peek on Instagram last week about Rocksbox! This is an awesome new service where you can rent designer jewelry to wear as much as you want and when you're ready for something new, simply mail it back in and get more. With Rocksbox you can rent three pieces of jewelry at one time, giving you a few different options to try out. 

Each stylist who puts together your box will use info from a style survey that you take along with taking a look at your wish list. You can go through most of the jewelry they offer and add items to your wish list for them to know exactly what to send you. All three of my first pieces came from my wishlist and I have loved each of them!

I have loved my subscription to Rocksbox so far! First, it came super fast. Super fast y'all! I think I submitted everything to get my first box on a Thursday and it was here the next Tuesday. It comes in the cutest simple packaging that's personalized to you with a note from the stylist who put your box together. The package is small enough that it can fit in your mailbox and comes with a packing slip to conveniently put it back into the same package and pop it in the mail back to Rocksbox when you're ready for some new pieces. Easy as pie!

And today is your lucky day, I have a treat for you to try out Rocksbox! Use the code chasingyoungxoxo when checking out to get one month of Rocksbox for free. Hopefully you'll love it and continue, but if not, it's no strings attached and you get to play around with three pieces of new jewelry in your wardrobe. If you use it, tag me @msannayoung on Instagram so I can see what you picked and how you style it. 

See what I got in my first Rocksbox and two different outfits that I wore the jewelry with. Props to my husband for the photos!

Kaylee Necklace, Perry Street (Rocksbox exclusive brand) | Teardrop Bangle in Fuschia, Margaret Elizabeth | Pave Ball Studs in Gold, Sophie Harper (Rocksbox exclusive)

Review on Rocksbox, a fabulous service for renting designer jewelry! Get your first month free with code "chasingyoungxoxo"!
Review on Rocksbox, a fabulous service for renting designer jewelry! Get your first month free with code "chasingyoungxoxo"!
Review on Rocksbox, a fabulous service for renting designer jewelry! Get your first month free with code "chasingyoungxoxo"!
Review on Rocksbox, a fabulous service for renting designer jewelry! Get your first month free with code "chasingyoungxoxo"!
Review on Rocksbox, a fabulous service for renting designer jewelry! Get your first month free with code "chasingyoungxoxo"!
Review on Rocksbox, a fabulous service for renting designer jewelry! Get your first month free with code "chasingyoungxoxo"!
Review on Rocksbox, a fabulous service for renting designer jewelry! Get your first month free with code "chasingyoungxoxo"!
Review on Rocksbox, a fabulous service for renting designer jewelry! Get your first month free with code "chasingyoungxoxo"!
Review on Rocksbox, a fabulous service for renting designer jewelry! Get your first month free with code "chasingyoungxoxo"!
Review on Rocksbox, a fabulous service for renting designer jewelry! Get your first month free with code "chasingyoungxoxo"!

First Outfit: Top Target | Skirt J.Crew | Sunglasses Ray Ban | Watch Charming Charlies
Second Outfit: Dress Target | Sunglasses Ray Ban | Watch Charming Charlies

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Five Pieces of Wisdom for College Grads

The end of another academic year always makes me stop and reflect on what I've learned since I graduated from college. Maybe I'll have some more coming your way in May with my upcoming 10 year high school reunion... #OLD, but I digress. I surely wish that someone would have shared more advice with me, and really I just needed someone to tell me me to stop worrying and that everything would truly work itself out.

As someone who talks to college seniors on a daily basis, I stopped to think about the main things I wish I had known when I was in their place. I supervise a group of students at work and after sharing these top five pieces of advice with them, I figured they should be shared more widely.

1. Don't worry too much about the future, but be intentional with your life.
If I could shout one thing from the rooftops on this campus, it would be this first statement. It is so easy to be worried and anxious about the future (I was too at this point in life), but I promise that things really will come together. There is no reason to spend the end of college stressed out about the future. Start thinking about what is next, not what is forever. I promise that more than 50% of "real adults" you know don't even know what their forever plan is.

However, you must be intentional with your life. I'm not telling you go walk around life oblivious to the future. Keep the future swimming around in your head, give thought to the next moves you want to make, take note of your interests and skills, and engage yourself in things that excite you.

2. If you get the chance to do something wild or cool--do it!
The things I would go back and do if I could be 21 again. I did spend my first year out of college living out of a suitcase traveling around the United States, and while I was a bit worried about it at first--I am so glad that I pursued that opportunity. My only regret here is I wish I made as many bold moves. I wish I had pursued an experience to live and work abroad for an extended period of time, or thought about programs like AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps. Could I still go live abroad now, yes. But I'm also married, house hunting, have a great stable job that I love, etc. Not so easy to pick it all up and move it overseas!

3. There is life outside of work. Be sure to pursue other opportunities and hobbies. 
I have so many conversations with students that can't get over the fact that there's no one job that will let them pursue their 982354 different interests. Work can certainly be, and I personally think should be (but that's a post for another day), fulfilling. But it shouldn't be your everything. Find ways to pursue other interests or even learn something new. Not only will it help to keep you well-rounded but you might make some great new friends along the way. While 40 hours, or however long your week might be, is certainly a lot of time it's not all of your time. Arianna Huffington wrote an awesome piece Are You Living Your Eulogy or Your Resume? that I feel is necessary to read along with this point.

4. You'll probably be pretty tired on Friday nights after working all week and it's not lame to just stay in.
This was a hard one for me to learn. After starting my first full-time job I was surprised at just how exhausted I was on Friday evenings, and that was in the summer before things even got busy at work with classes back in session. Getting home on Fridays I always wanted to do something exciting, go out, see friends, live it up, but I was also incredibly tired. At the beginning I felt so lame not leaving the house on Friday nights, but now I think my favorite thing is coming home at the end of the week to catch up with our DVR over wine and dinner on the couch. And I don't even care if that makes me old. You have to take care of yourself too, and resting up on Friday nights means I can live a bit larger on Saturday nights.

5. As you learn about life, pass it on to younger friends, colleagues, family, etc. They'll appreciate it (even if they pretend not to).
My life philosophy is really passing down wisdom and advice. It's a part of everything I do from my job to Dogwood Brides and advising a chapter of my sorority. Sometimes it's easy to look at others and think that they have found this perfect path in life, that they didn't struggle through times of change, etc. But I bet you they did, they were just never vocal about it. Getting advice from someone during times of transition can be priceless just to know that you're not the only one who has felt the same way.

Writing this post was one of my favorites in a while, and I think because it's great to share some of my work as a career advisor. I'm toying with the idea of starting up a career specific series. Would you be interested in career posts for young professionals? What topics would you like to see or questions you have that I can help answer? Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why House Hunting is Actually like Dating

If you follow on Instagram you may have seen that Mr. Young and I are currently house hunting! It's such an interesting experience. We actually looked at houses this time two years ago, but after less than a year in Richmond we didn't feel like we had gotten to know neighborhoods enough to know where we would like to settle. Ahhh, settle, I hate that word and I can't believe it's actually happening to me, but I digress.

The more we've gotten into the search (and hopefully we'll have some very exciting updates very soon) the more I feel like house hunting pretty much follows many of the similar rules of dating.

The Emotional Rollercoaster
House Hunt: You walk in and immediately fall in love. It's everything you've dreamed of, and it's in the perfect area, and's in your price range! You know it's a bit too good to be true, so you rush and put that offer in. But, there is someone else in the picture. They aren't fully committed yet, so there is a chance. You wait and anxiously text your realtor for their thoughts on what might happen. In the end, they don't choose you and it's a travesty because in your mind you've already decorated every inch of that perfect house. Onto the next one.

Dating: You lock eyes and immediately fall in love with him. He's everything you've dreamed of, attractive and he can make you laugh. And somehow...he likes you too! You know it's a bit too good to be true but you go for it. You're already planning your future wedding and family together in your mind (because girls are crazy). It's great for a while until he gets a bit standoffish. You agonizingly analyze every date and conversation with your best friend to get their thoughts on the situation. In the end, it fizzles and after a few pints of Ben & Jerry's and bottles of red wine you're ready to get back out on the dating scene.

Create "The List" (then throw it out the window)
House Hunt: This started as a fun project, and then we realized that we're really needy human beings. Our massive list quickly dwindled down to three bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen that doesn't need to be renovated, and off-street parking. Ok, there was a bit more like central air, a decent yard, and a dishwasher but we certainly loosened up a bit. I don't think we could ever find a house that fit everything in our list, in our desired neighborhood, and that also falls within our price range.

Dating: I can remember talking about our lists for the perfect guy with friends in college. "Has a job, similar values, dark hair, must have a sense of humor but not be a complete goofball, etc." But then as you jump into the dating game, that list starts to morph. Not that you're settling (again with the settling!) but more that you're realizing your wants are probably unrealistic and you'll never find all of them perfectly packaged together. The list is trimmed, and finally you have a boyfriend.

The Ability to See Potential
House Hunt: "Ugh why is this kitchen orange?" "This carpet is foul!" "Why is the yard only moss?" There are so many easy cosmetic fixes you can make to a house and even many not quite as easy but not awful adjustments that you can make to fit what you need. But, you really have to get past it. Luckily, I think we have a pretty good eye for potential and our realtors are even better dreamers than we are. People who can't see potential in homes...anyone ever on an episode of House Hunters.

Dating: Don't judge a book by the cover! Maybe he's not everything on your list that you ever dreamed of in the "perfect" guy (that definitely doesn't exist). But, if you can see him getting along with your parents, becoming friends with your friends, actually fitting into your life, that's where the potential is.

I could go on, but I won't. Every step of the way it's just been hilarious to step back and see that we are pretty much trying to court our favorite houses. It's been quite the journey and hopefully I'll some more advice tos hare after the fact. To be honest, Mr. Young has been awesome in this process with figuring everything out while I share my opinions and offer up my John Hancock when needed. Can't wait to share another update soon on the results of our search!