Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I have been trolling Pinterest, wayyyy too much lately and falling in love with so many great ideas, recipes, etc. and while it's been ages since I've done a What I'm Loving Wednesday post, I'm bringing it back! Since I've been going so pin crazy lately I'm thinking I'll be switching up WILW to be mostly focused on my favorite pins of the week. I'll try to limit myself, but who ever can limit themselves when it comes to Pinterest?

Our new house (more details coming soon, I totally promise!) only has one bathroom. As much as it pained me it really was perfect besides that fact and there's already some plans to add a half bath. We barely use our two full baths as it is now so whatevs. Anyways, with one bathroom for the morning I'm already scheming about adding a vanity to our bedroom. Right now I get ready in front of a small dresser in our bedroom and it's time for something legit. How awesome is this set up? 

My design ideas for my home office is based off a white and black rug with a lot of pops of bright, bold colors. When I came across this pin I could not stop staring it and added it to my Home Office board immediately! My office chairs are painted just about the same shade of pink as that little pot and I'm totally digging that teal. How cute are those little succulent pots too? 

I actually found this through my all time favorite food blogger/spirit animal Jessica from How Sweet It Is and then immediately pinned it for safe keeping. I mean c'mon, a Rice Krispy Treat crust? How do people come up with these incredible ideas?!

This swoon-worthy engagement featured on Dogwood Brides this week.
Ok, shameless plug I know--but y'all this session by Allison Kuhn Creative makes me weak in the knees! Not only it is absolutely stunning, but it's shot around some of the most incredible places in Richmond. When I think of a "Richmondy" engagement, this is that and more.

This Grilled Buffalo Chicken Caesar Salad from How Sweet It Is.
Everything this girl makes I immediately want to devour. And as awesome as her food it, her blog posts are even better. She cracks me up and makes me incredibly hungry at the same time. Since it's been nice we've been living outside at our grill and I can't wait to get everything together to make this salad soon. And if you haven't yet had grilled romaine, you're in for a treat!

This print from Pretty Chic on Etsy.
Again, with the home office! Loving not only this quote but that rich color. Most of my prints and other wall decor tend to have a mainly white background and I'm in need of some pieces with more color. Little known fact I took French for five years (and couldn't even put together a sentence of it now...) so a fun ode to that as well!

What are y'all digging this week? Share some links to your fave discoveries, pins, blog posts, etc. Would love to see what you're loving!

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