Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why House Hunting is Actually like Dating

If you follow on Instagram you may have seen that Mr. Young and I are currently house hunting! It's such an interesting experience. We actually looked at houses this time two years ago, but after less than a year in Richmond we didn't feel like we had gotten to know neighborhoods enough to know where we would like to settle. Ahhh, settle, I hate that word and I can't believe it's actually happening to me, but I digress.

The more we've gotten into the search (and hopefully we'll have some very exciting updates very soon) the more I feel like house hunting pretty much follows many of the similar rules of dating.

The Emotional Rollercoaster
House Hunt: You walk in and immediately fall in love. It's everything you've dreamed of, and it's in the perfect area, and's in your price range! You know it's a bit too good to be true, so you rush and put that offer in. But, there is someone else in the picture. They aren't fully committed yet, so there is a chance. You wait and anxiously text your realtor for their thoughts on what might happen. In the end, they don't choose you and it's a travesty because in your mind you've already decorated every inch of that perfect house. Onto the next one.

Dating: You lock eyes and immediately fall in love with him. He's everything you've dreamed of, attractive and he can make you laugh. And somehow...he likes you too! You know it's a bit too good to be true but you go for it. You're already planning your future wedding and family together in your mind (because girls are crazy). It's great for a while until he gets a bit standoffish. You agonizingly analyze every date and conversation with your best friend to get their thoughts on the situation. In the end, it fizzles and after a few pints of Ben & Jerry's and bottles of red wine you're ready to get back out on the dating scene.

Create "The List" (then throw it out the window)
House Hunt: This started as a fun project, and then we realized that we're really needy human beings. Our massive list quickly dwindled down to three bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen that doesn't need to be renovated, and off-street parking. Ok, there was a bit more like central air, a decent yard, and a dishwasher but we certainly loosened up a bit. I don't think we could ever find a house that fit everything in our list, in our desired neighborhood, and that also falls within our price range.

Dating: I can remember talking about our lists for the perfect guy with friends in college. "Has a job, similar values, dark hair, must have a sense of humor but not be a complete goofball, etc." But then as you jump into the dating game, that list starts to morph. Not that you're settling (again with the settling!) but more that you're realizing your wants are probably unrealistic and you'll never find all of them perfectly packaged together. The list is trimmed, and finally you have a boyfriend.

The Ability to See Potential
House Hunt: "Ugh why is this kitchen orange?" "This carpet is foul!" "Why is the yard only moss?" There are so many easy cosmetic fixes you can make to a house and even many not quite as easy but not awful adjustments that you can make to fit what you need. But, you really have to get past it. Luckily, I think we have a pretty good eye for potential and our realtors are even better dreamers than we are. People who can't see potential in homes...anyone ever on an episode of House Hunters.

Dating: Don't judge a book by the cover! Maybe he's not everything on your list that you ever dreamed of in the "perfect" guy (that definitely doesn't exist). But, if you can see him getting along with your parents, becoming friends with your friends, actually fitting into your life, that's where the potential is.

I could go on, but I won't. Every step of the way it's just been hilarious to step back and see that we are pretty much trying to court our favorite houses. It's been quite the journey and hopefully I'll some more advice tos hare after the fact. To be honest, Mr. Young has been awesome in this process with figuring everything out while I share my opinions and offer up my John Hancock when needed. Can't wait to share another update soon on the results of our search!

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