Monday, June 15, 2015

The Final [for now] Move

We have officially moved into our house. Ours. Surreal.

And a definite after-move Monday it is. Seems like the only clothes I brought to the house were pajamas, socks, bathing suits, and then just a few things from the far back of my closet. One of which I had to wear today. Fluffy hair since my straightener is still at the old house and a necklace found in my gym bag that luckily matched the one dress I had to wear.

I didn't think we'd never buy a house, but I really didn't think we'd be able to do it this soon. Does this mean I'm an adult? Shockingly this entire process was so much easier and quicker than I thought, but I don't want to jinx myself for the next time it happens. A bit later I have some quick tips to share on prepping for the house hunt.

But we'll still miss this house, it is the place that has really been home in Richmond. Where we've finally felt settled, where we've found great neighbors, where we planned our wedding, and brought our sweet Georgia kitty home. 

This was where I came home after running my first half-marathon, and the neighborhood where a majority of my training runs took place. It's where I actually kinda sorta started to like running hills, just a teensy bit. 

It's where we could walk to the cute old school pharmacy for breakfast and hear Friday night football games in the fall at the high school just down the street. 

first glimpse of the new house
Since I moved out of my parent's house for college in 2005 I have moved 15 times. In a decade. Maybe that's why I'm always so tired?

I moved into my residence hall freshman year, then back to my parent's for the summer. Back into an on campus apartment sophomore year, then to an off campus apartment with my friend Whitney that summer. Then back to campus I went for junior year in the sorority suite, and in May 2008 to my first big girl apartment. After graduation I headed to Raleigh for a month where I moved back in with Whitney and another sorority sister.

The next year could be counted as one continuous move. Left Raleigh to head to Woodstock, VA for the summer before heading off to travel the US for the year in my first job. Then moved back in with my parents for the summer before grad school. Went down to Columbia for school and into the only place I'd ever life by myself (and I urge everyone to do it at least once in life) that was full of pink and green girly goodness.

That summer I moved most of my belongings into storage and headed out to Texas for an internship and then back to Columbia where I moved into a friend's apartment for two weeks before I could then move into my new place. After grad school we made the move to Richmond, where we are now, and into an apartment together before finding a rental house where we've been for the past two years. The only place I've consistently lived in since 2005 for more than 12 months.


Well anyways, we made it yet again with lots of caffeine and so much incredible help from my parents. Without my dad we would have no blinds, bathroom fixtures or curtains. Really need to get him to start teaching Mr. Young...

A house tour to come as we get settled, stay tuned for more!

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