101 in 1001

The ever popular Day Zero Project. As I sometimes find my Life List a bit daunting I thought it would be a fun challenge to come up some goals that I could work towards on a more short term basis. I'm excited to conquer and chronicle these 101 adventures in 1001 days!

Start Date // October 5, 2013
End Date // July 2, 2016
13 // 101
  1. Get married! [6/28/14 :)]
  2. Complete a half marathon. [10/6/13]
  3. Complete a marathon. 
  4. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  5. Spend an entire day doing nothing but reading a book. [2/16/14 My Name is Memory, Ann Brashares]
  6. Go to five new states.
  7. See the sunrise over a body of water.
  8. Watch the sunset over a body of water.
  9. Grow an herb garden.
  10. Water sports in the James River. [Paddle boarding 5/6/14]
  11. Completely fill up my wine rack {24 bottles}.
  12. Visit two new countries. [Mediterranean Honeymoon July 2014: Turkey, Greece, Malta & Italy]
  13. Get my Etsy shop up and going.
  14. Create a gallery wall in our house.
  15. Go on a family vacation.
  16. Buy nothing new for an entire month.
  17. Make gnocchi from scratch.
  18. Learn how to make jewelry.
  19. See a movie at a drive-in theater [9/19/15]
  20. Go apple picking. [10/13/13]
  21. Bake or cook something with my apple haul. [10/17/13]
  22. Get my 5k time down to 30 minutes or less.
  23. Become comfortable with speaking Italian.
  24. Learn how to sew.
  25. Be brave and pursue my entrepreneurial goals.
  26. Do some soul searching and come up with professional goals.
  27. Blog every day for a month.
  28. Project 365, take a picture every day for a year.
  29. Make homemade ice cream. 
  30. Send mail to family & friends for no reason at all.
  31. Bake an extravagant layered cake.
  32. Donate blood.
  33. Host a dinner party.
  34. Buy a bicycle.
  35. Complete a sprint triathlon.
  36. Go camping.
  37. Successfully complete a Sudoku puzzle.
  38. Spend an entire day without any type of technology or social media.
  39. Participate in a "fun run". [Hardywood Four-Miler 2014 & 2015, Bottom to Tap Three-Miler 2014 & 2015]
  40. See the Nutcracker during the holidays.
  41. Make homemade gifts for all family & friends for one Christmas.
  42. Find a church I like enough to join.
  43. Read a book by Ayn Rand.
  44. Take a photography course. 
  45. Start taking nice pictures for the blog.
  46. Buy coffee for the person behind me in line.
  47. Run a race to raise money for a philanthropic organization. [Raised money for LLS with the HCA VA 8k in Nov. 2014]
  48. Learn how to make a really good mixed drink. [Watermelon Lemonade]
  49. De-clutter and sell/donate what I don't need or use. [Massive clean out, yard sale & Good Will donation, May 2015]
  50. Leave a 100% tip at a restaurant.
  51. Ice skate outside. 
  52. Make homemade cinnamon rolls.
  53. Get my home office organized and decorated.
  54. Go hiking in the Shenandoah. 
  55. Cut down our own tree for Christmas. 
  56. Visit three new Virginia wineries. [10/27/13]
    {Delfosse, Pippin Hill, Blenheim, Trump}
  57. Buy a lottery ticket.
  58. Go on a picnic. 
  59. Star gaze date night with Mr. Young.
  60. Paint a few rooms in our house. [Bought a house May 2015 that didn't need painting!]
  61. Do a juicing cleanse. [05/2014]
  62. Adopt an Angel Tree kid at Christmas.
  63. Go to a VCU basketball game.
  64. Take a random day off work just because.
  65. Visit Busch Gardens for Howl O Scream.
  66. Bake homemade bread.
  67. Read 100 books. {41/100}
  68. Create something to display my race bibs and medals.
  69. Throw a surprise birthday party for someone I care about. [11/9/13, Mr. Young's 31st bday]
  70. Learn how to do an at home pedicure.
  71. Pay off my car. [YAY!]
  72. Take a spontaneous day trip to the beach.
  73. Watch five Audrey Hepburn films.
    {3/5: Roman Holiday, Charade, Sabrina}
  74. Revitalize an old piece of furniture.
  75. Make 10 crafts off of Pinterest { 1/10 Gold Glitter Word Banners, Ribbon Wands}
  76. Lose college weight for good.
  77. Run a half marathon in 2:20 or less.
  78. Watch a handful of movies I haven't seen {Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Sixteen Candles, Princess Bride, Good Will Hunting, Animal House, Gone With the Wind}.
  79. Visit 10, 20 new restaurants in Richmond.
    {Urban Farmhouse, Green Leaf, Beauregard's Thai Room, Southern Railway Taphouse, Strawberry Street Cafe, Joe's Inn, The Blue Goat, Casa Del Barco, Arcadia, Havana 59, Pho 79, Mission BBQ, The Savory Grain, Portrait House, Pearl, Glory Days, Tazza Kitchen, Hutch, Talley's...too many more to count!}
  80. Start taking vitamins every day. 
  81. Make a terrarium for our house.
  82. De-clutter my work office and make it look more professional. 
  83. Organize all of my old photos into albums. 
  84. Take a girls trip with some of my best gals.
  85. Go to a concert. [TSwift 1989 tour, July 2015 #incredible]
  86. Find a fun new hairstyle. {after the wedding}
  87. Go zip lining.
  88. Learn how to create and manage my own blog design. [Going to count Dogwood Brides/Richmond Wedding Collective for this!]
  89. Try a new workout. 
  90. Attend three festivals. {Folk Festival 2014, Armenian Food Festival 2014}
  91. Find a good LBD.
  92. Hand write my favorite recipes and keep in a nice recipe box.
  93. Learn how to make sushi. 
  94. Go on a staycation here in Richmond.
  95. Make homemade marshmallows. 
  96. Work out with a personal trainer.
  97. Go a month without buying Starbucks.
  98. Complete a 100+ piece puzzle.
  99. Actually read all of the magazines I subscribe to one month.
  100. Update all of my blog pages.
  101. Put $10 in savings for every goal completed.

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