Like every blog, you came here hoping to learn a little bit more about me. What I'd have to admit, is that I'm still learning about myself. But here's what I know so far...

I am a morning person through and through and when I wake up each morning anything feels possible. In fact, the earlier I wake up the better the day will probably be. Coffee is a must every single day, and it tastes better in a cute mug. If it's not coffee, than chai tea. My iPhone seems to be constantly glued to my hand, but I'm working on my attachment issues. I seek opportunities to flex my creative muscles whether it be through creating things for my Etsy shop (revitalizing soon!) or continuously decorating my house. By day I work with college students and by night I blog, paint, volunteer, and put in hours pursuing some big entrepreneurial dreams of mine.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that I am incredibly lucky. Even if I lose sight of that sometimes. I am married to the kindest and most selfless man on the planet and love him so, even when he leaves the seat up. We have two sweet kitties and live in beautiful Richmond, VA, a place we are grateful to have made a home together. I have incredible friends from the many chapters of life and an amazing family.

Why Chasing Young?

Here's some backstory. This little blog has evolved greatly over the past few years. After blogging while on the road for a year, I originally began this blog as "My Semi-Charmed Life" in May 2010 as a way to continue sharing my life and stories with family and friends. When I realized my life was a bit more than simply semi-charmed, it took on the form of Chasing Young in Summer 2013.

When it came time to re-name I was recently engaged to Mr. Young and wanted to make a play on my soon-to-be new last name. To me, Chasing Young means a few different things. One is going back to the basics of why I began blogging, which was to stay connected to friends and family who are across the country. Being constantly on the move, it's your way to chase me. It's also my space to continue document adventures, travels, and milestones of being young even when I may not feel like it any more. Like many twenty somethings I still longingly dream back to my college days and use this blog as a place to remind myself that I am still young and there is still a big 'ole life ahead of me.

What you'll find here is a smattering of everything. Stories from my adventures and travels. Food I like to cook and eat. My journey with running and fitness. Crafts and other DIY projects. And every once in a while some philosophical ramblings.

So pour yourself a good cup of coffee (or wine!), sit back and enjoy the ride with me. Won't ya?

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