Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Motivation

I really need today's motivation tattooed on my inner wrist so I see it every time that I'm peaking at my watch...

Not to point fingers but the world today makes this so hard to remember. I feel like there's always a countdown running for the next big event or moment and I'm consistently looking forward to things to come instead of enjoying where I currently am. This doesn't only create personal stress but it is incredibly unfair to those we're interacting with as genuine encounters become rushed conversations of wondering when we'll move on. 

I'd say a part of this goes back to my need to be early which makes me run around like a crazy person some days. I've been trying to remember these words more and more these days and even found myself thinking them when I made the mistake of grocery shopping at Walmart on a Sunday afternoon yesterday. That definitely wasn't the easiest but when I took the time to not care about all of the inconsiderate people leaving their carts all over the store I found some great things: Chobani pumpkin which I've been hunting for all season, Natural Bliss' new hazelnut flavored creamer, and Hardywood Pumpkin. Super score!

As you get into this week I dare you to adopt this mantra and try to think of it often. You'll be surprised with yourself when you remember to live in the moment and take in scenery you didn't even know was there. 

Cheers to a new week!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekly Round Up

We've done it again, made it to Friday! After another busy week I am so glad for the weekend and especially with having a lot to celebrate. Here are some highlights from this week not to miss...

1. My Best Friend's Wedding
As I've already excitedly shared, one of  my best friends is getting married this weekend and I am so excited to celebrate and be a part of this special day! Now that all my best gals from growing up are going to be hitched I'm feeling a bit old...

2. Spider Dog
I have no words. You just need to go and watch this awesome video, I promise that you won't be disappointed!

3. #TS1989
Alright, who else downloaded 1989 on Monday with me? I was so pumped for TSwift's new album and it met my expectations and more. It's fun, upbeat, and catchy. That girl is just as smart as she is talented with the smooth transition she made from country to pop. I know it was in her this whole time and she was just waiting to release it to the world!
ps. Definitely consider adding it to your workout playlist like I recommended earlier

4. Real Love is a Choice
With four months of marriage under me (but feeling more like years since not too much has changed!) I'm no one to give a lot of advice yet, but I absolutely love this article. I think it's so easy to get caught up with the love you see in the media or displayed in movies--and that's not real love. Real love is hard, it takes work and compromise and it's not always pretty. There are so many people I know, myself included, who are sometimes jaded by this and it's a great reminder.

5. Big Dreams
I just can't stop now that I've started! If you didn't read yesterday's post, then go read it. Now that I've finally started taking some actionable steps towards big dreams I've had for a while I can't do anything but think about them and get excited. There will be plenty to more to share in time.

Happy Friday y'all and enjoy yourselves tonight for Halloween whether you're throwing down with friends, or on your couch with a big bowl of candy!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Big Dreams

I created this draft a while ago and have slowly added to it, like a secret online diary I wasn't quite sure I could share with the world. Not sure what gave me the urge to finally hit publish this morning, maybe my extra strong coffee,  #TS1989 blaring as I work, or an extra little nudge from Jess Lawlor's Get Gutsy Newsletter in my inbox reminding me to step outside of my comfort zone. All of those things together were probably a good recipe to finally take the plunge.

My first few years working full-time have been a huge period of reflection for me. I absolutely love my job and have no plans to change things up any time soon, but I do have plans to venture into the life of side hustling. I've always had such a passion to create, build, and own--projects, programs, anything really. The more I read about entrepreneurs, devour Inc. every month, and learn about awesome ladies who are rockin' it out there on their own I am convinced that it's time to finally take a leap.

While my current job is a wonderful fit for me, I have such a diverse array of interests and throughout all of my almost 27 years I've had a hard time with this, especially throughout education. It's difficult to think about pursuing a variety of opportunities instead of taking the "normal" societal approach to find your niche and stick with it. As a career advisor, I'm taking my own good advice that I share with students everyday: your 9-5 job is not your life. It's not the beginning and end of your work, or you, or what you do. There is life outside of that and plenty of opportunities to continue exploring.

Now that I've gotten you all excited I'm sorry to share that I'm not quite ready to spill the beans on what's to come--but I am over the moon excited about it, and thrilled to finally share it more broadly than just with Mr. Young and a friend that I dreamed up this dream with. There's a lot I'm tackling in the next few months to learn everything I can and kick things off and two of these things I'm most excited for are the Creative at Heart Conference and Jess' 30 Days of Gutsy email course.

Even though I'm not putting it all out there yet, there is a way for you to help me out. For any of my Virginia readers (especially those in the Richmond area) who are currently engaged or have been married in the past three years, shoot me an email at chasingyoungblog[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested and I'll share more information. It's nothing time intensive but will be extremely helpful for my current project, if you don't fit into that category and know someone who does I would be extremely grateful if you could pass the word along.

Phew! It's so exciting to have all of this out there--and to know that I'm now going to be held accountable to living up to these big dreams of mine. If you've had an idea or dream that you want to pursue I urge you to take the first step, whether that's taking time to sit down and get your thoughts out on paper or something more actionable like speaking with someone doing similar work to learn more. After dreaming up this dream on a snowy day last winter I'm excited to start making it a reality!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Fun

Last week was one of the craziest at work this semester and I am glad to have it behind me! Lots of wonderful student programs, but I'm excited to hopefully catch up on sleep and emails soon. Thank goodness daylight savings time is this weekend, holla for an extra hour of sleep!

After Mr. Young and I both worked all day Saturday we got to have a little play time on Sunday with my parents who were in town visiting. We headed up to Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville and luckily it wasn't raining like last year.

It was however incredibly crowded and swarming with children and we actually had a tough time finding apples. We had to dig deep into the orchard rows and there were a few times Mr. Young had to hoist me up to grab apples from the top of the trees, which I thought made things a bit more fun!

At the end of the day we did get a decent number of apples though and of course didn't leave without fresh hot apple cider doughnuts #sugarcoma. After making apple cinnamon muffins with last year's crop of apples I'm wondering what to make this time around. Any suggestions for your favorite apple recipes? I'm not sure I would be up for a pie but was maybe thinking about an apple crisp, or maybe applesauce in the crockpot? Would love to hear your favorites!

Even though we're still in October I feel like fall is quickly getting away with seeing so many bare trees already and the temperatures finally dropping. I honestly wouldn't mind if it just stayed like it is currently until spring comes again, but I have a feeling we're in store for another nasty winter with how mild this summer was.

For now we'll enjoy what's left of fall so don't be one of those people getting into the holidays until we savor and finish this season! We've been so incredibly busy we haven't had the most time for fun fall activities--what are your favorite things to do in the fall and especially any local Virginia suggestions?